Tea Cup Birdhouses

I've had this idea forever, and finally put it all together yesterday!  It's amazing what a couple of days of sunshine in a row will do for you.

I bought a couple of weather beaten porch railings from a junk store last Fall and had my husband saw them into pieces.  Yesterday, I hauled them out and painted them.

I had to mix this green color myself, and it turned out pretty well, if I do say so!  After the railing was dry, I screwed in a tiny drawer pull; it's plastic, but looks a bit like glass.

I glued one end to a vintage saucer, and the other end to a vintage cup.

Then, I decorated the bottom of the cup, which is the "roof" of the birdhouse, with some vintage buttons.

Here's the finished piece:

Then while I was at it, I made some more in different colors:

My husband thinks they're funny-looking.  Well, maybe they're not so conventional.  But, I like them!  I'm listing them in my handmade Etsy shop, Twice Shy Restored.

Tonight, we are finally going out for that twice-postponed Mother's Day dinner.  I'm very much looking forward to it.


Anonymous said…
Enjoy your Mother's Day dinner.
Interesting project. I had done something with the same materials and had a totally different look.
Angela said…
These are fantastic, Laurie! You are so creative! I really like the green one! :o)
Ragamuffin Gal said…
Pure Genius Laurie ~ I love them! I predict they will fly off your etsy shelves. I especially love the little crystal knob addition.

And thanks for your uplifting comment today ~ it mean't a lot dear! Have a blessed week!~k
Lisa said…
I love your blog so much! So much eye candy to swoon over. Just checked out both of your shops too. Love your embellished tags & pillows. Very cool. The birdhouses, very clever & cute. BTW, my foot fetish is all in fun, no judging I promise! LOL Lisa
Thanks for dropping by and entering my giveaway at By the Hill..
Love your blog, will be coming back. Great birdhouses.....too sweet!
Deborah said…
They're beautiful! What a great idea!
Malisa said…
You are busy creating some great things! I am going to check out your Etsy shop...even though you don't have nuns with guns! :) By the way, those weren't bridesmaids in that photo...those were debutants doing their "deep bow" during their presentations! I'm still waiting for someone to help me up! :)
Unknown said…
I think they are really fun and inspired....I love repurposing things and you are really good at it!
Jingle said…
I think these are really fun! I made a little tea cup bird feeder for my mom over the weekend, but it was much simpler than your fancy design!

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