Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What I found at the auction

Did you enjoy the photos I took at the estate auction from the last post?
I had my eye on some of the china...because you know how I feel about antique china!  I was tickled pink when the auctioneer FINALLY made it over to this table and I won...
all this antique Haviland!
I have a weakness for this kind of transferware...
and though there were just 12 dinner plates and an assortment of serving pieces, I just felt it was too beautiful to pass up!

 The shapes are so unique.
I can hardly wait to use them!
 I was also drooling over this shelving unit next to the barn, with its boxes of of old linens...
none of which were in very good shape -- but since when have I ever cared about that?
Here's what I brought home:
 This is a silk dress -- it's yellow with grey trim.

 Look at the hand stitching...
 Here's the back...
and, it came with this sweet little velvet bonnet!
As soon as I have it cleaned up, I will show you how beautiful it is on a hanger; it came with these accessories:
feathers, from a hat...

spats and gloves lined with real fur; the buttons on the gloves are fabulous: little metal fleur de lys snaps;
and this atomizer was in the lot, too.
Then...in different box: all this...

None of these dresses are in great shape but you know I only care about the details, and the textures...
and the lace...

  Oh, and the buttons!



This is one of two sewn-in dress shields.  I thought their label was unique.

 I think this one is my very favorite, though:
 When I picked it up, these flowers fell off of it.
 How sweet is the print on this frock?
Yeah, I'm in antique fabric heaven.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Estate auction heaven

I had so much fun yesterday at an auction out on a country estate of a well-known Colorado resident.
It was without a doubt one of the more pleasant auction -- and junking -- experiences I've had in a long time.  There was so much to see that I'm going to have to take a couple of posts to show you all the photos.  First, I'm going to show you the pictures I took while walking through the beautiful old, turn-of-the-century house:
Everything you see in all of the photos was for sale...
They were a ranching family on the wife's side, and merchants on the husband's side.

A view from an upstairs window out onto the "barn" where another auction was taking place simultaneously.  Oh, to have been able to be in two places at once!

This little white cabinet/dresser was child-sized!

It was such a treat to walk around the home and admire just what was picked/leftover as this was the second weekend of the auction.  I cannot even imagine what week 1 must have been like.
Inside the house was so crowded that we decided to spend most of our few hours at the sale in the barn.
I took a few photos to show you that, too...
 I loved this old picnic basket (below) with its tin breadbox!
  A Planter's Clock -- it was so cool looking!
 Look at that little tower of three fabric foot stools!


I have to tell you: I left most of the wonderful stuff behind; auctions can be an all day affair and I just didn't have all day for it!  But next I will show you what I did bring home -- so please check back!