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Heart creation

I promised some photos of my progress on the Valentine Heart Swap inchey, so here goes! This is what it looked like when I began to pin it; I used two kitchen linens.  One is a double damask white towel, and the other is a beautiful vintage napkin with red roses on it that I have been hoarding saving for something special. And here is how it's looking today, after many hours of sewing!  All of the incheys are attached, and I added a layer of vintage doily/runner at the bottom, over the napkin. I added a few bits of colorful stitching here and there. Suzanne's little signature was so cute I wanted to feature it alongside her inchey, which is pale blue. I also sewed on some stray bits of lace and a few sweet embellishments that Mercedes gifted me with her inchey, like the soft white flower with the pearl center. I'm planning yet more stitching, especially in this bottom corner. You can be sure I'll show you when it's finished.

Hoping for Spring

Spring is coming.  I know it is.  I believe it. Even though I just drove home from the store in yesterday. And awoke to this today...again. The other day, when the sun was actually out, I got together with Jeanelle and we made this Maya Road  wreath kit!  Maya Road is known for their flowers and these were fabulous! We transformed a straw wreath into this: Isn't it awesome? It was SO MUCH FUN! It's on my wall to remind me that Spring WILL come. In other news: my crock pot wore out.  Seriously.  I use it a lot . So here's a new one Dennis and Ben picked up for me; this was taken on St. Patrick's Day when it was full of corned beef and cabbage.  (It was delicious.) I'm probably the only person you know who could get excited about a crock pot! Work is about the same. I have had some kind of fun stuff come through lately. I adore the altered child's skates on the left.  They are hand painted with tiny snowflakes, in gree

A visit with vintage

I made a quick breeze through a local vintage marketplace yesterday; this was necessary since my husband and son were along.  If you asked them, they would not have described it as a quick breeze through but, trust me, it was! I took some photos so you could come along with me. Seriously -- after all these years of blogging, that's how I feel when I'm in a store and see a pretty sight: that I should photograph it and bring you all along. There was lots of this pretty blue. I love these buttons on Bingo cards. Here's a different mannequin/dress form than I am used to seeing! A display of license plates on a shelf that I found rather artistic. How cute is this framed print?  It's one I'd never seen before but was $65 so it stayed behind. This antique store has an indoor flea market vibe. I really get a kick out of these displays of collections! I'll take a pink one! This lavender chest was EYE-CATCHING! As was th