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An Altered Tin

I'm trying very purposefully to make time for "making"!  This week I exchanged an altered tin in a Vintage Crafters Cafe swap; I had been working on the tin since after Christmas, here and there, very slowly.  It was satisfying to have a project to work on, even while being so busy with so many other things! I started with an empty Altoids tin.  I painted it inside and out with white paint.  Then I found a couple of scraps of vintage linens with pretty floral designs for the top and for the bottom.  For the bottom, which is deeper than the top, I sewed the linen onto a piece of felted wool from an old blanket.  I liked the "cushion-y" look it gave to the linen. I was making a wall hanging, so I glued the tin "open", and covered the back with scrapbook paper that that had a small, doily design.  I added a phrase that was the "theme" of the tin. Pretty vintage needlework and trim, as well as a new tiny doily and a Martha Stewart doil

Happy new year, and, do you have a "word"?

Happy new year!  I hope you ended last year on a happy note and find yourself comfortably introduced into the new year.  I did, and I am.  Tell me, did you pick one of those "words of the year" for yourself? The word of the year has been kind of "a thing" for the last several years on social media: choosing one word that describes what you'd like to focus on in the year to come.  I normally don't commit to one word, and I typically ignore all suggestions to do so.  But TODAY, about the 8th time someone (the yoga instructor at my free Wednesday class) asked me to do so, I decided I would choose a word: Over the last several years I've had some health challenges, and I'm just now having another, new one.  Nothing serious.  But, I'm beginning treatment for it, and have decided that it needs to be a priority.  I know I will enjoy improved quality of life once I've got it under control.  I also know it's going to be a pain, and that