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The Easter Piglet

Two years ago today, my best friend Margaret died in a hospital bed.  She was bleeding internally and suffering irreversible organ damage, from alcoholism.  She was only 51 years old.  We'd been best friends for 40 years, and she meant so much to me.  We'd lived through junior high and high school, rock concerts and boyfriends, weddings and baby showers, heart ache and joy.  I can't think back on my life without remembering her at my side.  I always thought we'd grow old together, planning meet-ups in our old stomping grounds in the bay area where we'd catch up, reminisce, and marvel at our lives.  It still feels almost impossible that she's gone. I traveled to San Francisco for her funeral service -- really, it was only a graveside internment service.  It took place a few days after Easter, and I stood in the cemetery with my heart in my throat, still in shock.  It was unreal to see her laid to rest very close to where my parents are.  It was their time to b

Have you Been to the Goodwill Bins?

Goodwill has what they call Outlet Center, or sometimes Outlet World, stores.  Ours in Colorado Springs opened a few years ago, and recently I decided to check out the three that are in nearby Denver.  What I've discovered is that the one we have is the best.  One of the Denver outlets, in Englewood, is also decent.  The one in Aurora is terrible -- dirty, gross, small.  The other day I finally made it to the third Denver one.  It was also, in my opinion, gross.  As in, I wouldn't ever go back!   Before leaving, though, I did find a pile of vintage linens and doilies, all in the same bin.  I thought you'd like to see:  The whole pile  A remnant of lace  I loved how this one was already nicely "stained" with age  (detail)  I thought these were unique little inserts  Kinda unusual fish motif  Pale blue with rose My favorite; this is just a very small square To give you an idea of price: since they

Gifts from afar

I was gifted a package of good stuff for crafting and creating from one of the people who reads this blog regularly, Linda!  Linda lives in Canada and let me know she had some things she was ready to part with that she just knew I would like and could use.  And, could I! I wouldn't even know where to star in saying what my favorites were; high on the list are the button cards, especially the one with red buttons that says "Made in Canada" at the bottom!  I don't have a card like this, and don't think I've ever had any buttons that were labeled Canadian before. If you take a close look there are also cameos and other jewelry findings, and those fabulous clock faces that are made of porcelain!  The pink beaded trim is heavy and luxurious, and the dark green and sparkly motifs have me dreaming of Mardi Gras crafting! Everything is a delight, and I can't wait to show Linda once I've used some of her beautiful things in upcoming projects!  You guys a

What am I?

I bought this little metal thing from a friend and fellow junker/artist a few years ago: What is it? I mean, seriously: what the heck is it?  Any ideas? Happy Friday!

What I've Been Up To

You would seriously think that, since I'm unemployed, I would have more time than ever to blog and shop and have fun.  But that's not the case!  I'm always looking for work, and getting things listed in my Etsy shop, as well as doing some listing of new products on Amazon -- and time has been flying. I took a couple of days and went with my cousin to visit my elderly aunt in Nebraska.  I wrote about her and the old homestead many years ago on this blog, here .  We had fun, running errands for her and, of course, doing some thrift shopping.  Of the three days I was with her -- we went to Wal-Mart three times!  That has to be some sort of record! I found the Nebraska and Wyoming thrift shops we stopped at to be quite reasonable!  Above, some fabric scraps from long ago...  Below: a Holt Howard cat shaker -- missing its mate, but still too wonderful to leave behind!  And, of course, some vintage Christmas stuff! While in Wyoming, I spotted this sign on the wi