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Facebook 101

I had the opportunity to contribute to another book written by Steve Weber, Facebook 101 , and it is now available ! The book walks you through creating a Facebook page, and then shows you how to use FB to create buzz about your business.  It's a great overview of surprising ways that you can make your FB page(s) work for you! Right now, it's being offered on Amazon for 52% off ; and, if you prefer to read books on Kindle, you can get it for just 99 cents !  Yay Steve!

Fall Tag Swap!

I participated in a Fall Tag Swap -- look at all the Autumn-y goodness I received the other day! Some went with Halloween... while others favored the Fall season in general!  (Above tag by Jane.) But I really liked ALL of them and will have fun using them in my Fall decor!  (Above tag by Tami .) Here's a look at the ones I made and sent off: I guess it's not always easy for the swap hostess when you make different tags... but I just really like the fun of the variety! Some of mine had a fabric base, while others had a Fall-ish paper base; most of them I sewed together (this is a view of some of the backs of the tags.) This one was my favorite: (Guess what?  I kept it!) Take a peek at Button Floozies if you'd like to see my Fall Button Tin Swap given/received!

Button Floozies Christmas Ornament Swap 2012

I wanted to mention that we're having another swap over at Button Floozies  -- the 2nd Annual Christmas Ornament swap! Sign up now through October 28; details in this post !

What I found junque-ing in Kansas

You might be wondering what all I bought while at those fun warehouse sales and antique malls in Kansas!  Well, the answer is: not too much!  There was so much wonderfulness, but I was somehow content to enjoy it all -- the mood, the texture, the styling -- and not feel the need necessarily to take it home with me!  Here, though, is what did fit into my suitcase: Puss, in boots!  Halloween style, no less! There were some nice examples of vintage Halloween paper decorations, and all were priced according to their rarity.  The most expensive single piece I saw was $12, so when I found this one much later in the day for $2, I felt I'd really scored! I loved the red and green price tags -- I think they will be great for Christmas crafting! That little piece of architectural trim was just too fun to pass up for $1.25! Pretty glass buttons from West Germany, and, on the right, that fun ticket stack from a 'mexican cafe' in Kansas City! Fun old curtain clips -

2 weeks ago today: West Bottoms Warehouse Weekend in Kansas City!

Two weeks ago today I was having the junque-ing time of my life in the warehouse district of Kansas City at their once a month sale. Oh my goodness, we had the BEST TIME!  And I took LOTS of photos to show you. Here are just some of them! There were 22 shops open, so we walked around a lot and it was really COLD that day -- brrr! I always have to photograph "R"s for Jeanelle... This (above) was when my 'partners in crime', (Suzanne and Tami) and I visited Carol Spinski's booth!  This display was inside a bathroom !  By the way, I was really impressed with the number of available restrooms in all the shops!  Halloween decor galore       So many fun Fall displays! I pretty much just photographed everything I liked! Or, that I thought was styled interestingly!  Or, that I wanted and knew wouldn't fit in my suitcase!  Like this kitschy plastic Christmas candle display!