Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Facebook 101

I had the opportunity to contribute to another book written by Steve Weber, Facebook 101, and it is now available!
The book walks you through creating a Facebook page, and then shows you how to use FB to create buzz about your business.  It's a great overview of surprising ways that you can make your FB page(s) work for you! Right now, it's being offered on Amazon for 52% off; and, if you prefer to read books on Kindle, you can get it for just 99 cents!  Yay Steve!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Tag Swap!

I participated in a Fall Tag Swap -- look at all the Autumn-y goodness I received the other day!
Some went with Halloween...
while others favored the Fall season in general!  (Above tag by Jane.)
But I really liked ALL of them and will have fun using them in my Fall decor!  (Above tag by Tami.)
Here's a look at the ones I made and sent off:
I guess it's not always easy for the swap hostess when you make different tags...
but I just really like the fun of the variety!
Some of mine had a fabric base, while others had a Fall-ish paper base; most of them I sewed together (this is a view of some of the backs of the tags.)
This one was my favorite:
(Guess what?  I kept it!)
Take a peek at Button Floozies if you'd like to see my Fall Button Tin Swap given/received!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Button Floozies Christmas Ornament Swap 2012

I wanted to mention that we're having another swap over at Button Floozies -- the 2nd Annual Christmas Ornament swap!
Sign up now through October 28; details in this post!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What I found junque-ing in Kansas

You might be wondering what all I bought while at those fun warehouse sales and antique malls in Kansas!  Well, the answer is: not too much!  There was so much wonderfulness, but I was somehow content to enjoy it all -- the mood, the texture, the styling -- and not feel the need necessarily to take it home with me!  Here, though, is what did fit into my suitcase:
Puss, in boots!  Halloween style, no less!
There were some nice examples of vintage Halloween paper decorations, and all were priced according to their rarity.  The most expensive single piece I saw was $12, so when I found this one much later in the day for $2, I felt I'd really scored!
I loved the red and green price tags -- I think they will be great for Christmas crafting!
That little piece of architectural trim was just too fun to pass up for $1.25!
Pretty glass buttons from West Germany, and, on the right, that fun ticket stack from a 'mexican cafe' in Kansas City!
Fun old curtain clips -- I can think of about 100 ways I'd like to use these!
These trim samples are just the right size for decorating tags!
I could not resist that bit of a crazy quilt in a tiny hoop.  It's in my kitchen now.
Ephemera: rolls of old wall paper border -- I love those tiny packages!
And this telephone girl memo pad -- what a hoot!
The little telephone timer under glass made me laugh; it so reminded me of when my parents attempted to limit the time I spent on the phone as a teenager -- ha!
You can see how small it really is as compared to the key tag from the Hotel Plaza next to it; when I make a journal of my artsy Kansas trips someday soon, I'll include that key tag in the decor.
One gal had a whole pile of flash cards that were 4/$1.00, so I chose some words I liked at the moment!
I also bought one of her soldered pendants and a bit of dyed silk in a mustard color I love.
Here are the vintage Vera napkins and placemats I picked up for our Thanksgiving table!  There were just 3, which was fine by me since my little family numbers just that.  I paid more for these than I ever pay for linens -- it might be a record!  But, I do appreciate the value of  vintage Vera and they will be a cherished keepsake.  I adore them!
Here's what I bought from Carol Spinski's shop, Raised in Cotton: a beautiful runner that now graces the counter between my kitchen and family room, and an antique school book.
What I loved about that book besides its gorgeous, timeworn cover and pages is that it might have belonged to an ancestor, Mary Jackson from Missouri (which is where our Jacksons hail from.)
This was a favorite find: some gorgeous ledger sheets from France!
I bought five pages -- got to rip them right out of the (already disassembled) ledger, for $1 a page.
Fall is in full swing around here.  Above, some of the trees in our side yard last week.
This is my maple, which now stands bare.
I've set out the treats I brought home around the house.  Above, that little white pumpkin in front on the left was a gift made by Tami!
Are you doing your Fall decor yet?

Friday, October 19, 2012

2 weeks ago today: West Bottoms Warehouse Weekend in Kansas City!

Two weeks ago today I was having the junque-ing time of my life in the warehouse district of Kansas City at their once a month sale.
Oh my goodness, we had the BEST TIME!  And I took LOTS of photos to show you.
Here are just some of them!
There were 22 shops open, so we walked around a lot and it was really COLD that day -- brrr!

I always have to photograph "R"s for Jeanelle...
This (above) was when my 'partners in crime', (Suzanne and Tami) and I visited Carol Spinski's booth!
 This display was inside a bathroom!  By the way, I was really impressed with the number of available restrooms in all the shops!

 Halloween decor galore


So many fun Fall displays!

I pretty much just photographed everything I liked!
Or, that I thought was styled interestingly!
 Or, that I wanted and knew wouldn't fit in my suitcase!  Like this kitschy plastic Christmas candle display!

 Or that was really creepy and different!

 I really loved the atmosphere -- dark and dank and industrial, with the light filtered through tall, old windows.

 bouncy chair

 feather bed

 Those Vera placemats and napkins spilling off the chair ended up coming home with me; and, that's a quilt framed in orange on the right.

I got to meet Sarah who was there with a booth named after her blog, My So Called Junky Life.

At one point we ran into fellow Romantic Gothic Ghosts attendees/friends, Gail and Marj Sell (far right); I'm not sure what I'm saying but I look like I'm singing, don't I?

 (Look closely: that's a footstool decorated with SPOOLS!)

 a preview of coming attractions (Yorkies!)
 Creepy 2 headed duck!

 That's coral coming out of her old bottles...
 Wake up!
 More creepy stuff: this time, mushroom lichen!

 Love this!

 Pretty burlap runner...with buttons!

 Typewriter weirdness!

 It makes me want to throw out all my "new" furniture in my house and start over!

 Creative creepy
Mad scientist!

 Cool old mid century lamp -- pink!

 So much inspiration, everywhere!

 Coolers as diffusers!

A week wouldn't have been enough!