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Winner of my 800 Posts & 4 Years Etsy Shop Anniversary Giveaway

As you know, I've been having a giveaway for this decoupaged canvas that I made: And the chosen comment belongs to: Janice at Curtains in My Tree ! Please email me your mailing address, Janice! Thank you to everyone who commented to help celebrate my 800 Blog Posts & 4 Years Etsy Shop Anniversary! I appreciate everyone who reads my blog and joins in the conversation... and who shops at Indulge Your Shelf !

And still more thrifty fun!

When I post about this crazy stuff I pick up, I always try to explain just what was special about it that made me buy it. There was just one of these shiny old aluminum canisters, not a whole set, but, I have sold so many of these sets and am always sad to see them go out the door.  So I'm keeping this one--and I might even use it to store coffee, imagine that! I keep picking up these kinds of hanging holders when they are inexpensive (under $1); they are one of those things that I just know I can use to make something fun -- or, at dangle stuff from them.  The black one in particular is just the right size to hang tags from. Very, very cute box of unused paper napkings, made in England, and look at those colors!  I love it when the box is as cute as its contents.  Ephemera heaven! A planter (left) and a piggy bank in the shape of an elephant (right); the reason I liked the the pink planter is that, on the reverse... there is the romantic inscription "W (heart)

My blue heaven

I am hostessing a small swap with a few friends; we are each making fabric pages based upon one of my favorite films, Breakfast at Tiffany's .  Above, a sneak peek of some of the elements I'm using for the book's cover. To add to my inspiration, pal Linda sent me bags full of beautiful vintage trims, buttons, and flowers via Karla's Cottage ! Wasn't that sweet?   I am in vintage heaven -- Tiffany blue heaven! The other day, I went with Connie to a wonderful ribbon store in far off Niwot, CO. It was the cutest little store and we were so lucky to have visited during their Store Closing sale -- the owner is retiring. She had ribbons, trims, buttons, charms, beads, findings, and even some buttons, for sale.  Most of what I picked up is for the aforementioned Breakfast at Tiffany's swap pages... but I also had to splurge on some beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon and ruffled trim...sigh! While in Niwot we had a lovely lunch al fresco... and

Pretty old paper

It's no secret that I really appreciate old paper -- nothing feels quite like it, and you just can't duplicate its texture when you use it in your art.  I found some stacks of great old paper at the flea market this past weekend.  'Wanna see? Some of it was in really rough shape, but I don't mind that!  Part of it was from an old Colorado mining concern around the turn of the century... and some of it was those great old music magazines called Etude , from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Etude always has pretty print and fun old ads, so I grab them whenever I can! We have ladies on cycles, chickens... and all kinds of odd stuff such as the results of bird racing... and families having bad hair days! I love this stuff! "You cannot begin too early!" And: is this not the cheeriest chick you've ever seen? Don't forget: every comment counts in my 800 posts & 4 years Etsy Shop Anniversary Giveaway !

Mile high junking

I had *so much fun* yesterday when I convinced my family to take a drive to Denver with me, with only junking on the agenda! Honestly -- the planets must have been lined up perfectly for them to agree to come with me!  That almost never happens.  It was a beautiful day and we just had so much fun. First stop, the Mile High flea market in Henderson, just east of Denver.  It was our first time there.  Now, the reason I didn't go before is that I've never heard anything good about the market, and I must say that overall it wasn't much to write home about... there were a couple of cavernous "permanent" shops on what they call Antique Alley, like this one, A Paris Apartment -- which sounded a LOT better than it was! I saw a few noteworthy things in a vintage shop...but they were not at "flea market" prices (the pretty blue lamp above was $140!)  Still, I did manage to find some of the cheap, fun stuff that I get excited about! For instance: the