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The Community Tries to Recover

 I live near Colorado Springs, and they have a thriving art community there.  But, just as with most other institutions, it is struggling to recover and/or adjust to this pandemic.  On Friday, my husband and I went to the First Friday Art Walk downtown.  Normally, on a beautiful summer night, this is a bustling event.  But this time it was quiet.  I really liked the message painted on the wall, above: What you say to someone with depression can change everything.  (The larger, colorful letters above it say, We are in this Together.) The theme of the event was 1985-Take on Me.  Local artists had contributed work that represented what 1985 was like to them.  Here I am (with my mask hanging from my ear) in the main gallery. Alas, there were not a lot of pieces to evoke 1985. The art walk takes place at various locations; we were at the Cottonwood Center, which is a building full of studios where local artists make and sell their art -- everything from stained glass to fiber art to photogr