Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Just pretty

I found this package of pins at an antique store a couple of weeks ago; it's the kind of thing I have a very hard time passing up.  It's just pretty!  And it makes me happy.
The pretty image above is something I designed as part of my very first email "campaign" for Indulge Your Shelf, which I worked on yesterday.  I took some of the great advice in Etsy 101 and offered all of the shop's past customers (through 2011) the opportunity to subscribe to an email list.  Some shop owners send newsletters, but I am starting more simply with a twice yearly (only) email which will include a coupon code.  I used Mail Chimp, which is a great service for a couple of reasons.  First, it's free.  Second, it requires me to know about and follow 'the rules' -- the most important of which is that you ask permission before adding customers to your email list.  I ended up with 30 people on my email list, which I understand is a really good response!  Among the myriad of free services Mail Chimp offers is that box you will now see on my right sidebar which enables people to sign up to subscribe to my list!  Here's your personal invitation to sign up, too; doing so gives me permission to send you an exclusive coupon code to my shops twice a year!  And of course it comes with my promise never to sell or otherwise use your email info.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

St. Patrick's Day crafting

I just finished a St. Patrick's Day ATC swap (12 ATCs) and while I was at it I decided to make a few tags for my handmade shop, Leaves and Lace.
Wow, what a sense of accomplishment!  I don't think I've added anything new to the shop in several months.
(Shame on me.)

It was fun and refreshing.  Note to self: do this more often.  I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Vera Neumann and other great women designers

I just restocked my Etsy shop with fresh vintage Vera Neumann scarves.
Vintage Vera long purple scarf
I usually can't resist buying her stuff; it's so beautiful and so iconic.  What I don't keep myself, I love to offer to her collectors.
Vintage Vera sheer scarf, paisley
her iconic signature
There are many people selling Vintage Vera on Etsy, so I try to stand out by offering free shipping on all my Vera scarves.
beautiful sunburst scarf
I received a copy of this book about Vera for my birthday last year -- I highly recommend it!  Gorgeous photos and everything you ever wanted to know about her!
Another great designer is my friend LuLu Kellogg, who makes all kinds of amazing things to drool over, but especially jewelry.  Her packaging is so beautiful, too!
For the last several days she's been offering a HUGE, generous sale on Etsy -- 50% off of her gorgeous jewels, the coupon code is right there on top of her shop!  What are you waiting for?

Be still my heart, look what I got!  It's mine, all mine!
Yet another amazing designer: Hope Ellington -- another lovely someone I was lucky enough to meet at Silver Bella, and then hang out with again at Birdsong last year!  I told you about her new shop opening last week, and a few days later all this arrived in the mail to my utter delight!
We've been exchanging some love, and she sent this thank you: it's a metal typewriter parts container -- swoon-worthy all on its own -- but then filled with vintage perfection including the most incredible little buttons that make my heart skip a beat, and some beautiful hand-dyed, handmade rosettes from coffee filters!
And then the coup de grace -- look at this!  Hope is so talented.  She is a soldering diva!  I am in awe and thrilled to personally know such talented, designing women!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A bit more from that country estate -- part 3

I'm glad you're enjoying seeing all the junk I bought.  The house that held the sale was TINY.
detail from a card in a box of vintage greetings

I remember the ad for it said, 'very narrow hallways, be patient' or something to that effect, and boy they were not kidding!  It was almost comical how tiny the house was, and then there were so many people in there trying to shop and trying to wait in a line that stretched from the tiny living room all the way back down the hall, through the kitchen area.
some of the cards had unusual motifs!
There literally wasn't room for two people to pass in the hall, not even by standing sideways!  This was one of those sales where you just had to be patient and figure you weren't going anywhere quickly.
fun pages in an unused vintage address book
At one point I was quite literally stuck in the kitchen (the size of a walk in closet) because I couldn't get out/get by the people standing in line to pay!  I had to stay there about 5 minutes...and since I was blocking the kitchen doorway, no one could get in there to shop!
I love using pages from these old S&W stamp books in my ephemera journals

I made some friends, too: one woman ended up following me home in her car so I could run into my house and get her a free review copy of the Etsy book I contributed to -- she had told me in line she was getting ready to start a shop!  (She creates things from vintage materials, just like I do!)
This metal "tape" is, we surmised, stuff that people would use to cover the edges of their baking pies so the crusts wouldn't overcook.  Of course I won't be using it for that -- but I think it will be useful for a craft project at some point!
Here is some barkcloth that I found in the shed outside.  I think it might have been the bottom 'ruffle' of a sofa cover, or a bedspread perhaps.
I love the muted pinks, yellows, gray and brown with the pinkish piping!
Something different: a plastic-y, square cover for something in the nursery -- perhaps a holder for laundered diapers?
I could not get over the graphics; I think they might be Japanese.
But it sure said "Springtime" to me!
I can't wait to switch out my toaster cover for this one (above): A good host serves PURRfect toast!, with the toast flying out of the toaster, and get a load of that purple dotted feedsack material on top!
I pretty much never pass up a vintage souvenir item that says "California" on it...
This one was fun because it was triangular, backed with white cotton, and might have been used as a banner -- what do you think?
sunny yellow apron
I'll leave you with some close up photos of some of the other vintage linens (my weakness) I found at the sale.

unused "instant pillowcase" fabric -- a rose garden full!

sweet baby smock bib

(Nothing on this post was priced more than $1.)  Thank you for coming along with me to this country estate sale!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A country estate sale, part 2

Okay, as promised, here are some more fun things I picked up for cheap at that estate sale; just for the record, the reason I bought so much at it is that they are a non-profit organization.  They go in and help liquidate estates for older people who have to move to assisted living for health reasons and have no family to help arrange the sale on their own.  I think it's awesome!
This is a very common Whitman's candy tin; I have always liked the motif and this one had such charming patina!
On the left, a not-so-old-but-still-vintage button-y button tin!
No, it didn't have 500 buttons in it, but it was only $1 for all the ones that were in it!  And there were some fun ones!  The string of gold ones at the top of the photo were sold separately, for $2.
This set of picks in an olive shape turned out not to even be vintage -- they're from 2002.  But I thought they were very cute, and my husband is a big olive-lover.
This fun box, a blast from the past and labeled, A Bedtime Story, contained...
new His and Hers pillowcases!  And they are washed and on my bed now -- perfect for my blue and white with yellow accents bedroom.
These were favorite finds (above): some great charms like a crown, a tiny typewriter, and a heart lock, as well as some vintage rhinestone pieces (LOVE THE KEY!), a hat pin and that beautiful Tiffany-blue compact!
I love that compact!  And it was only 75 cents!  I was in heaven!
There's that Homer creamer  -- so simple but so pretty!  And a fun old owl and a really iconic circus elephant, plus a tin cup that is only painted copper, but still has a great patina!
I just loved the color of this little Shendango plate, so had to pick it up for 50 cents.
Here are some of the vintage notions I found there.  I have a weakness for tape measures -- especially that chippy cloth one on top; it and the green one are both made in Germany, pre WWII; the pink velvet covered pin keep is common but I still love it.
Stay tuned, more to come from this estate sale!