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The joy of older estates

Once again, I'm here to show you some delights I found at two different sales at older estates yesterday.  One of the sales was small and the other was PACKED.  The packed one said they would be putting more stuff out every day, which makes it hard to resist popping back by.  I will resist, though, as part of my this-year's RESTORation is to curtail my antique shopping! That, however, was not my mindset yesterday when I treated myself to some shopping!  Both estate sales were, in my opinion, mostly overpriced.  I detest going to sales where they are asking antique-store prices for their best smalls.  For example, there were several valentine planters/vases that I would have loved to have but they were marked $20 each! Here are the ones I did get - the large was $5 and the small was just $1.  They did gift me the Hallmark nut cup, which I love because it matches these little guitar favors I found this year! I also got these three fabulous hand sewn quilt pieces: the