The joy of older estates

Once again, I'm here to show you some delights I found at two different sales at older estates yesterday.  One of the sales was small and the other was PACKED.  The packed one said they would be putting more stuff out every day, which makes it hard to resist popping back by.  I will resist, though, as part of my this-year's RESTORation is to curtail my antique shopping!
That, however, was not my mindset yesterday when I treated myself to some shopping!  Both estate sales were, in my opinion, mostly overpriced.  I detest going to sales where they are asking antique-store prices for their best smalls.  For example, there were several valentine planters/vases that I would have loved to have but they were marked $20 each!
Here are the ones I did get - the large was $5 and the small was just $1.  They did gift me the Hallmark nut cup, which I love because it matches these little guitar favors I found this year!
I also got these three fabulous hand sewn quilt pieces:
the one on the bottom is a doll quilt, and it's beautifully done in perfectly faded feedsack fabric.
It's almost impossible for me to pass up a postage stamp quilt like this square!  And I was surprised that the whole roll of that vintage lacy gimp trim was just 75 cents!
 Also impossible for me to pass up any kind of Victorian crazy quilt piece, like this one.
Love!  I know you spotted that huge vase with the three cherubs -- I typically leave stuff like that behind because I know if I buy it I'll never be able to part with it!  I just didn't care this time and had to have it for myself!  It matches a smaller, yellow one I bought a few years ago (and couldn't part with)!
Then, there was this fabulous heavy glass paperweight!
The wooden back pops easily out, and you can put in whatever you like.  She had some vintage Halloween images in it.
 I just had to have it for its texture and weight and shabbiness!

There was a whole room of overpriced Christmas stuff, but I also found these bargains: a nearly perfect German tray, adorable Santa tin, and one of those pottery deer that are so dear these days!  (Pun intended!)
 At the second sale I found these beautiful items: the silk moire ribbon (I think that's what it's called...) is old and I believe French and hand painted.  There are about 10 feet of it.  It's magnificent.  I got the covered glass dish because of it's generous size to use as a display piece.  And this stitched ribbon:
The stitching was fancy and unusual, also unusual to see on gabardine.  Beautiful.  I almost left it behind!
Not everyone would appreciate this ribbon; it's been scorched by an iron and has tears and some unraveling.  But I think it's just perfect that way -- it makes me swoon.  (Yes.  I said it!)
Paul Simon was my unpacking companion this morning.  Do you see the boxes in the bag behind them?  In the last week or so I have printed a couple of thousand -- yes, thousand! -- photos to put into albums.  I'm literally 10 years behind in doing so.  It's been my major passion project for the last few years and I'm tired of procrastinating!
Paul's not sure what to make of any of it.  He's found a good hiding place, though, just in case things get a little too crazy around here!
Meanwhile, Art Garfunkel is exploring the latest acquisition -- a huge diploma frame for Ben's college diploma.  Which he's getting in a little over a month from now!

And what are you doing this weekend?


Lilbitbrit said…
Looks like you found some nice goodies and will enjoy them.
Lorraine said…
Great scores! I can't believe he's almost done with college already.
That ribbon! So pretty. You found lots of great things. And Ben graduating? How does time go by so quickly?
Linda said…
Wow, graduating college! But, but, it seems like he just started! You must be one proud mama.

Personally I love paperweights, and the one you selected is absolutely fabulous.

And Simon and Art - I remember when you first brought them home.

Oh how time flies, eh?

Cheers, Linda

Oh I like your estate sale finds, I don't know how you could resist going back
I have the bug bad since I have quit working

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