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Dashing through the snow

We took a Christmas trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It sure was Christmas-y ! And by that I mean, " cold "! I took a photo of this highway sign, since it's one of my husbands' company's own and he worked on this one. Several miles and a huge back-up later, I took this photo of the vehicle fire as we passed it.  What a traffic nightmare -- not for us, but for those poor people stuck behind it going in the other direction. I was grateful for the sign so we knew what was going on.  (It was a large truck fire that took a long time to put out.) And even more grateful that we arrived safely.  The first thing on our to-do list was lunch!  Later, we bundled up for a sleigh ride in the snow. Dare I mention the sleigh ride took place after sundown, when the weather dropped below zero?  My camera didn't do great in the dark; but it was a lovely ride; we were snuggled up under wool blankets... and their horses, Percherons, pulle

All is calm, all is bright

Our Christmas was warm, bright, and calm.  A bit of shopping.  Decorating  Times with family Celebrations  Wonderful surprises  Fabulous meals  Wonderful friends  And my FAVORITE cake ! I'm looking forward to hearing about your holiday!

Maggie and the tree

This was one of those years that I didn't finish Christmas decorating...I abandoned it! Maggie, however, doesn't seem to mind. Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Christmas magic in Colorado Springs

My friend Kathy and two of her friends, aka The Gals With The Good Stuff, decorated an over-100 year old house on Colorado Springs' old north end with some of their BEAUTIFUL Christmas wares! Colleen, Kathy and Joyce standing in the living room I took some photos to show you the loveliness: That's my husband Dennis in the background...look how cute that toolbox on the table looks! The Gals had a table full of yummy treats going in just about every room...this was the dining room  The pantry full of jolly Santas!  In the kitchen; did I mention everything was for sale? This dress form greeted you at the top of the stairs  Vintage lace dresses...  for the little ones, too!  A cozy crib  Do you  love  the house?   It's for sale! You know I wouldn't have been able to leave without a few treasures: First and best: this gorgeous Vera tablecloth that was a gift to me from Kathy!  Swooning!  This is a vintage handkerc