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Unfinished works

The other day friends came over for dinner and then we did some painting. I covered this cabinet front I'd bought at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore: Mind you, it's not yet finished -- but as you can see, I tore paper to create a mosaic-look along the border, sponged on some paint, and then I printed out some words to a song that is meaningful to me right now and adhered them to the middle of the board.  I still have to work on that section.  The song says,  I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert/but I can live and breathe and feel the sun in wintertime . That really spoke to me, as we live in the high desert and have, as I told you last time, been frantically packing and cleaning, because we were planning to sell our home.  But, guess what?   We changed our minds. Everyone wants to know why we decided against moving, and we're feeling a bit sheepish for being so wishy washy, and getting everyone all up in arms about this big move, and now pulling bac

Plot Twist, or, Be Careful What You Ask For

I picked up a small, hand painted sign at Vintage Market Days, held in Colorado Springs , last week.   I went to the market twice: once on my own and once with Rebecca!  It was an event I'd been looking forward to for a long time. Here's that little sign: I bought it because, there has been an unexpected development in our lives. In writing, this is called a plot twist. We have decided to put our beloved home on the market and move to a more urban area, North of Denver, where jobs are plentiful and pay better. It's a move we've been contemplating for a long time, but love of our home and reluctance to make such a change has always overridden the decision. Until now. As you know, Dennis has been out of work for more than 5 months.  I've been working for a temporary agency pretty steadily, but have not had a permanent job for 8 months despite applying everywhere, too. It's not that there aren't any jobs here -- it's just that t