Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's time for Breakfast at Tiffany's

All the contributors have received their Breakfast at Tiffany's Fabric Page Swap books so now I get to show you what has had me so pleasantly diverted these last weeks!  You might experience picture overload from this post, but I promise you'll enjoy it!
If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you know how enamored I am of the film starring Audrey Hepburn.  There is so much there to inspire!
This summer, as I worked on my own pages and the front and back covers, six friends from Colorado to North Dakota were working on their contributions.
Then, a couple of weeks ago, packages of pure delight began arriving!
Every one contained fabric beauty as marvelous as the last!

When all six pages arrived, I had the joy of binding them together with my own page and covers!
I am so pleased to show you this beautiful creation!
I mailed it out wrapped as so: A for Audrey
Every cover was the same base of vintage Tiffany blue fabric with pale grey and white ribbon and bows; the centerpiece is a fabric photo of Audrey having her breakfast at Tiffany's, and I added the words "heartbreaker" and "dreammaker" from the song, Moon River.  Each cover is decorated with different embellishments -- vintage millinery, buttons, bling, trim -- all on a similar theme.
left -- the inside of my front cover; right -- Terri's page!
For my inside front cover the background fabric is called Central Park Carousel and I decorated it with the most amazing, tiny tassel trim!  The typewriter is a Japanese fabric, and it creates a pocket into which I've slipped the opening line of Paul Varjack's story about Holly...and then the credits for the pages, in the order they appear in the book.
Terri's gorgeous page has a background of the lyrics to Moon River, a silhouette of Audrey's breakfast gown -- complete with bling -- and luscious trims.
The reverse has Holly's bag and includes a receipt for the engraving of her Crackerjack prize ring!
left - reverse of Terri's page; right - Lisa's page
Lisa's page is lush black velvet, a satin-edged photo on satin fabric, rhinestone trim and dots of pearls!  The reverse is black satin with Tiffany's white bows!
left -- reverse of Lisa's page; right -- Tamatha's page
Tamatha's page is a crazy quilt called "Holly's Crazy Apartment" in rich fabrics the evoke the colors of Holly's 1960s New York wardrobe!
...And I have to show you her reverse page close-up: it's "Shopping with Audrey" and tiny store windows surrounded by black rick rack, white tulle and rhinestones! 
left -- reverse of Tamatha's page; right -- Suzanne's page
One side of Suzanne's page is a Tiffany-wrapped box...and the other is the view from inside Tiffany's window as she breakfasts there!
It's velvet, satin, black and white tulle, lace, rhinestones, and a handmade silk rosette.
left -- reverse of Suzanne's page; right -- my page
My page is rendered on pink striped, super wide silk ribbon.  From lace and beaded trim I created the little pink dress Audrey wore in the scene where she receives the telegram; it is placed on top of a vintage doily.  The right edge of the page is ruffled, hand-dyed pale pink silk ribbon.
I had so much fun making this reverse of the page -- each was the same but with slightly different trims and vintage earring.  I printed one of my favorite of Holly's remarks onto pale pink interfacing: You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you. 
A silhouetted hand holds an actual vintage earring, while above is sequined trim and below, three antique black glass buttons and a richly brocaded vintage ribbon.
left -- reverse of my page; right, Linda's page
Linda's page celebrates the city of New York, and her skyline is decorated with tiny glass beads as the sparkling windows.  I love the silhouettes of Holly and Cat, and the touches of rich red and sparkly black! The reverse is a collage of the film's iconic images.
left -- reverse of Linda's page ; right -- Tami's page
Tami's page is soft and romantic; lovely fabric, a portrait of Holly, and a sparkly vintage bling flower!
The reverse are the lyrics of Moon River and more soft floral delight.
left -- reverse of Tami's page; right, inside back cover by me.
I used a rebus of the last line of Moon River on top of a whimsical, New York brownstone fabric; Cat appears as a button creation!
 Like the front covers, each of the back covers was the same but slightly different.  All had a white double damask background, with layers of blue and white lace and Audrey's silhouette under white tulle.  I embellished with blingy vintage buttons in white, black, and sometimes rhinestone and/or glass.
Four of the other contributors have blogs which I've linked to -- be sure to visit them in the coming days to hear about their experience with their pages!
I don't think it would have been possible for me to love the books any more than I do.  The artistry of all the contributors left me speechless and I'm so, so pleased to have been able to work with such a talented group!  I was so pleasantly surprised at how well all the pages worked together, as we left the theme wide open for everyone's own interpretation!
Above, a glimpse of the coordinating bookmarks I sent along with each of the books.
I wish everyone could see it in person!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The sharing of stash

I have such great friends.  They are always so generous with sharing their crafty stash! 
 Jeanelle won a destash auction on eBay and shared with me...feast your eyes on all the goodies!
 When she offered me these beautiful mother-of-pearl, carved buttons I could not turn them down!
Plus embellishments, stamps and a stamper!
When Tami set me her Breakfast at Tiffany's fabric book swap pages, she included this gorgeous pendant that she made for me!
And the photo doesn't do justice to this amazing black velvet clutch Terri sent with her pages...
Can you see the pearl detail on the clasp?
And the lovely gray satin lining (swoon)?
And look at all the goodies she included...
inside this ADORABLE Tiffany cloth bag was this blingy necklace!
Suzanne's pages came in this to-die-for little round hair dryer case (remember those?)
She embellished it with pearls, ribbon, and a Tiffany-blue satin ribbon with cut out Breakfast at Tiffany's motifs.  I love it!
Stay tuned for photos of the swap...we're waiting for the last contributor to receive her book!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catching up on junque, and stuff

 Junque: enamel pitcher, slip straps, and McCoy...

 and this fabulous needle case!
1,000 of them!  Who would need that many, in that era (I'm thinking late 1800s/early 1900s)?
Look at this beautiful pendant I just had to have; I bought it from my friend Kathy.
She makes the most wonderful stuff; I wanted the number "9" for September since it's my birth month, and I have been wearing it ever since!
See?  Honestly -- I debated whether to post this photo of me at Rebecca's house for my birthday dinner.  (Why, yes, that is a hulking glass of wine and two pieces of cake on the plate in front me.)  But -- don't I look happy?
Speaking of my birthday: Angela sent me this adorable spool creation!
So clever -- she made it from beautiful old wooden spools of thread!
 In other news: have you noticed that Ebay is turning out to be a good source for cheap ephemera again?
I got this lot for just $5 and change, including shipping.  Okay, not as good as an estate sale, but better than an antique store!
I am shipping off my Breakfast at Tiffany's Fabric Page Swap books to the swappers tomorrow morning!  I cannot wait to show you -- after they have all received theirs!
Oh, all's a sneak peek: it's some of the bling I used to decorate one of the book's elements!  The Audrey pendants were a gift from Karla, from when she went to the Tiffany event this past Spring!  It was so sweet of her to share them with me!