A blob post

(I titled this post to make Jeanelle laugh.  Did it work?)
I have had a hard time getting to my blog for the last week!
Maybe because I've been wrapped up in fabric book swap pages (above, an element I stitched for one page; if you know that the theme of the swap is Breakfast at Tiffany's, you might be able to decipher it!) It's free-hand drawing that I stitched over, because I thought it looked whimsical.  Did it work?
Maybe it's that, lately, evenings are spent enjoying those last days of summer with Ben (middle, at a Scout cook out last week.)
Maybe it's all this necessary, early holiday prep; (above, kitschy vintage picks in my shop.)
Or maybe I'm just really disorganized lately!
Unlike the person who marked on this tub that I saw at a thrift shop, which makes me wonder what was in the tub, and what happened to it, and the owner?  There's a story there for sure.
Here's my most favorite find from a couple of weeks ago: a vintage DYMO label maker, with interchangeable fonts, including one in cursive -- all neatly stored in its own traveling case!  I think those little labels look so great on vintage paper art, and journals, a la Michelle Geller!
What did you do for Labor Day weekend?  I stayed in town, and on that Saturday visited this small, free antique flea market...
where the only thing I bought was a whole, huge pile of vintage tin children's tea party sets -- four of them!  They are going into the shop as soon as possible.
That same day I went to an indoor, really wonderful antique show they have around here a few times a year; one vendor let me photograph her lovely displays of BUTTONS!
I didn't buy any from her, though, because, as you can see, her prices were very high!
I did, though, buy a few items from my friend Kathy, who I know reads my blog (hi, Kathy!)  Two lengths of vintage blue and red fabric, in a sweet ribbon print, some glass buttons, and, my favorite...
a jar full of purple buttons that Kathy decorated with lace and FABULOUS mother of pearl inset with rhinestone buttons on top!  Aren't they divine?
Speaking of buttons...we're having a button swap over on Button Floozies; everyone is welcome to join in the fun!  Sign up between now and September 19.
a sterling silver and Tiffany blue paste pin, aka an estate sale splurge
I have lots more catching up to do, so I'll try to make it back here sooner next time!


Kathy said…
Ooooh, thank you for sharing the button pictures - loved seeing them!
Tami Hacker said…
I love your Breakfast at Tiffany's Rebus design!
I know I'm going to love your pages!!
autena said…
That's funny...I just came across my ancient Dymo labelmaker in a drawer yesterday!
There is a woman who sells fabulous buttons and button cards at my local outdoor antique market and they are SO expensive too! She never seems to have anyone looking when I've been there, but I guess she must or she wouldn't be there.
Anonymous said…
Yes...it worked! :)
Unknown said…
Love that blue and red fabric! I have had a lot of trouble getting to work on any posts lately for the same reasons. End of summer, beginning of school. I'm hoping next week to be more on track!
Hope said…
you're pages are going to be wonderful....i can't wait to see to finished book!
Beth Leintz said…
I had a label maker just like that in my hand today at an estate sale...why did I put it back?

The button ladies buttons are beautiful, but I agree...sky high prices. I wonder if she sold much.
Kadee Willow said…
Oh, I know the feeling! So much going on... so much to catch up to do.... so many flea markets and antique shows at this time of year! I love that vintage label maker ~ with different fonts, no less! Lucky find! I'll be back to see what you've been up to...
I love seeing the button display
and yes honey she was HIGH on her prices, maybe she just wanted to show off some of her special buttons and by putting a high price she knew she would get to take them home?
loe you sweet new pin and the material its laying on

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