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Button Floozies White Christmas Book Swap with Penny

We had a White Christmas Button Book swap over on my other blog, Button Floozies .  It was so much fun!  We were to create a book from paper or fabric and decorate it with 30-50 buttons.  Because I was the hostess/organizer, as sometimes happens, I had more than one partner so that the numbers came out correctly. Here's the first one I swapped, with Penny who lives in Oregon.  Not only was she new to swapping -- she was also new to using her buttons in art! Her beautiful book came in this lovely gift bag that was hand knit by her!  The pages were all tied together with a satin ribbon; here's the first (above) -- beautiful vintage image and decorated with fabulous buttons!  The back of that page: a doily decorated with pearls creates a pocket for carded vintage buttons!  Here's the second page: a tree made of buttons, and a dove of peace in shell  How sweet is this little stocking?  It was stuffed with...  a button "charm" string and a ca

A little fabric book

I'm excited to show you the three White Christmas Button Books I created for the Button Floozies swap.  They are still winging their way across the country and will be in their new owner's hands within the next few days, so I will have to wait a bit longer.   I am eagerly awaiting mine -- aren't swaps fun? Meanwhile, here's one I can show you -- not Christmas themed, but with lots of reds and pinks: When a former swap partner Maggie let me know she wasn't able to participate in our swap this year I was finishing up this little book; I had no plans for it when done -- sometimes, I don't know who they are meant for until they are finished. So now it's living in Maine with Maggie and she really liked it.  Take a peek:  I had begun this book a year or more ago...the pages were one of my unfinished projects! It included a picture on fabric of little me. This page included a pinnie made by Beth Leintz : Is e

Yoo hoo!

Life feels as if it has speeded up lately -- I know you know what I mean. I have been so busy but also really wanting to get over here to my blog to say hello and catch up a little bit! Work is going well! While still underemployed, I am so happy there -- it is such a big improvement over my last job that I am walking on air.  You should have seen me doing the happy dance just the other day when I had my benefits orientation.  I was able to purchase BETTER health insurance for my family at less than HALF THE COST than what was offered at my last job, or by my husband's employer.  We are breathing a sigh of relief over here. There are so many things I like about my new job, and here's just one: in the evenings, after I've done all the training and other work in between phone calls during the first several hours of my shift, things will generally slow down a bit and we are allowed to bring in quiet work, or reading.  Some of the younger people who are in school do ho