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Farewell, June

This comment from Kelli on one of my previous posts is a favorite: These swaps that you take us to are just fascinating to me! I have many many interests so I follow all kinds of blogs and I think the group of people you hang with must be the most giving and fun and willing to get together of any I have contact with - you all seem to support each other and don't look down on others if their talent isn't as good as yours - I really appreciate getting to virtually hang out with you and your talented friends.   I couldn't have said it better myself, Kelli.  I have a wonderful group of creative friends!  They are so giving and fun, and I feel so lucky to have met them! Let me give you just one example of their awesomeness : upon arriving at Karla's Birdsong Three on June 7, Beth greeted me with a bag full of these beautiful little badges.  She knew that all the girls who worked on the Breakfast at Tiffany's fabric book that was just published in Somerset would

Shopping at Birdsong Three

Two weeks ago when we hit the road for Kansas/Karla's House/Birdsong Three, Rebecca and I drove just about straight through because we were determined to get there in plenty of time for the pre-event dinner. At one point, around 1 pm or so, we realized we'd be making it in plenty of time so we could stop and shop. I texted this photo of Rebecca to Suzanne because I knew she'd remember this as one of OUR stops in years past when we drove to KS together. Well, you can imagine my surprise when Suzanne then texted me THIS photo of her -- she was driving with Cheryl and we had missed them at the store by about 10 minutes! A quick phone call, some directions and a few minutes later, we all met up at the NEXT store and shopped together.  We had a blast! It was a great little shop called Countrypolitan, and we all found something fun. Rebecca and I picked up the little glass doorknobs we would use on the cloche's we made at Karla's , and I also got this st

Birdsong Three: the swaps and more

The swaps at art events are always a joy. At Birdsong, the setting is Karla's patio on the first evening, after the first two classes.  Above, Karla as she opens her matchbox swap from Suzanne. For Birdsong Three's matchbox swap, I made a box for Gail that I showed you here , and Marj made this box for me. And what a box! On top, a lovely altered bird on a branch... and below, it was actually TWO boxes -- the one on top contained TEN DRAWERS with beaded pulls that were decorated inside and out! They were filled with little treasures that I love!  I really love the paper she chose to decorate the outside of the boxes.   Can you imagine how much work that was? This is Marj as she opens her own special swap box (above.)  She and Gail were the co-hosts of the swap. The box was full of trims, gorgeous findings, buttons, something sparkly and intriguing (a polished rock?), and look at those wooden beads that spell my name! The sweet, pale green handkerchief underneath

Birdsong Three: the classes

There were four classes during Birdsong Three -- and so much creativity, with so many talented people assembled in Karla's studio! This was "my" table this year: left to right, Rebecca, my friend (who is now safely back in her home in Black Forest -- whew!), Terri , who I first met at Silver Bella 2010 and have long wanted to get together with again, Lisa another Silver Bella/Birdsong 1-2 and now 3 buddy, and me.  Look how happy we were to be starting on our first project! The pretty little chair I was sitting in all weekend! The first project was Beth's : we stitched birds, flowers, hearts, etc. and stuffed them, and then assembled them in a decorated peat pot. It was fun and relaxing! Here's mine next to Rebecca's -- see how everyone's turned out so different?  Rebecca used a lot of the soft lavenders and purples. Here's mine next to Terri's...I love how she did hers in blues and how they coordinate!   I like the shape bird