Back in the swing of things

How did I go from swinging my pretty apron at Karla's cottage to being back in the swing of working full time in just a few short days?!  It has all gone by too quickly!
Karla's event was a were the surroundings.  We couldn't have asked for a prettier weekend!
And the projects were FABULOUS!  This is Lori Oles' sample wreath from her class:
It's hard to pick favorites because all the classes were awesome -- but I do think I enjoyed this one the most.
Today I started my new job: I'm working for the ecommerce department of Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado.  I am an online lister for the auction site  That means I'm listing items picked from donations made to the five Colorado Springs Goodwill stores on the website, which is operated by Goodwill of Santa Ana, California.  Did you know that 149 Goodwill stores from across the country auction items from that site?  I was excited to land this job because it's doing something I enjoy, in comfortable surroundings close to home -- and because it involves some writing.
Indulge Your Shelf
Because I will be listing vintage items online at my new job, I will have to liquidate my vintage Etsy shop so as not to have a conflict of interest; however, I can keep my handmade Etsy shop alive and kicking!  It remains to be seen how well I can manage my time between working, blogging, creating and all the rest but I am excited to go on the adventure.
So, if there's anything you've been eyeing in my vintage shop, now's the time to make me an offer!  Just send me an email.
I've been letting listings expire, so if you don't see something you remember you liked, feel free to ask!
This beautiful group photo of Karla's Birdsong Three just about says it all; I can't wait to tell you all about it and show you my photos just as soon as I can!


Maggie said…
Laurie, your new job sounds PERFECT for you!!! I hope you love it, because it sounds like it encompasses so much of what you enjoy. I'm really happy for you!

Glad you had so much fun at Birdsong. What a whirlwind these past few days have been for you!
Kathy said…
Laurie, I am excited for you starting this new chapter and wishing you well!! I am looking forward to reading all about it.
Unknown said…
Congratulations, Congratulations! What a cool job! Do you get a discount?! ;) I bet you'll get some neat items to look at! I'll have to take a peek at your store again! I know there was something there a while back..hmmmm.... Have a great day girlie!
Your new job sounds like it's going to be such a fun adventure. I'm going to have to go check out their auction site.
Kelli Davidson said…
Dear God Laura - Watching the TV - I hope you and yours are okay! Wild fires are scary! Let us know you are fine. I have those squares laying on the kitchen table! I will take pictures this evening!! Take care!
autena said…
However did you finagle such a wonderful job? Sounds perfect for you! I love that site, but, alas, the shipping charges are rather high, so I don't indulge. Best of luck there!
That was a big turn out,lots ladies and one guy there

It was a wonderful weather week end

and you look adorable in your fancy apron

I had a yard sale and did great out in the great Missouri weather

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