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Good News, Great Joy

I had the most wonderful Christmas, and I hope you did, too. First, just before my husband's birthday he was offered a permanent , full time job as a technician with a successful and busy company.  They asked him to begin immediately, and so within days he was on a plane to attend a two-week training in Los Angeles, California.  Mind you: my husband has not had a permanent, full time job in more than 3 years.   It's a huge victory, and I couldn't be happier for him. I hatched a plan to fly to LA for the weekend, since Dennis couldn't travel home in between his training weeks; it was a way to punctuate this awful year we've had, and celebrate his new job!  I was very pleasantly surprised to find extremely inexpensive flights for me and my son at the last minute!  And so, the weekend before last, Ben and I hopped on a plane and spent a wonderful, joyous couple of days basking in the sunshine of California's beaches, and my husband's happiness!  It was th

Vintage Christmas Ephemera Book

I love vintage ephemera, but especially vintage HOLIDAY ephemera.  This Thanksgiving, in quiet moments, I took the time to make this little book.  What can I say?  It was so very satisfying, and peaceful -- blissful, really!  I took a photo of every page, and, at the end of this post I've included a link to my Facebook page, which has a video that Ben helped me shoot and edit, showing the whole book, too! Did you have a favorite page? Here's that video link: I hope you had a lovely holiday!  We did.