Monday, April 29, 2013

Countdown to Birdsong 3

Can you believe April's almost over?  I'm getting very excited about Karla's event, Birdsong 3 coming up the second weekend in June.
The month of  May/end of my son's school year is always hectic, and this year he will be going off to work all summer as a camp counselor on the day after his 16th birthday...just a few days before I leave for KS for Birdsong 3.
Ben and I, last year
I can promise you I will be ready for some girl fun/creating/road tripping to Karla's at that point.  In fact, I already am.
Well -- not literally ready, yet.  I did finish and ship off my Birdsong 3 sponsor packages to Karla (above)...
and I did finish up my tag swap, hostessed by Stephanie (who I get to see again -- yay!)  That is a photo, above, of the reverse of the tag -- I don't want to spoil the surprise and show you the front.  That little pocket holds a mini Moo card identifying me as the maker of the tag.  All I'll say is that the front of the tag involved stitching on paper, and many, many layers of fouf that were very time consuming -- just to make 7 tags.  I hope they'll do!
I've also been busy sourcing vintage bird pins for a swap hostessed by Mercedes; her swap involves creating a fabric rosette and accenting it with a bird brooch, then presenting it in special wrapping.  I've never made a rosette before so this is a challenge!  The pin above is one I bought as a "maybe" but won't be using for that particular swap -- so it's not a spoiler!  Isn't it cute, though?  It's actually a clip, not a pin.  I'm sure it will show up in my Birdsong projects, somewhere.
Besides the rosette swap, I'm working on a matchbox swap (I love those!) hostessed by Gail and Marjorie. As you can see, I have done the "base" of the matchbox: covering it with vintage wallpaper inside and pretty paper and some trim in the recipient's favorite color, green on the outside.  I'm not going to show you any more than this so as not to ruin the surprise!  Also because I haven't come up with the decoration for the top yet -- it's still a work in progress.  I'm already collecting all kinds of little vintage goodies and other tiny pretties for the inside of the box -- that's my favorite part!
Of course, since Birdsong means reuniting with some of my favorite people in the world that I rarely see, I might be working on other little creative gifts, too -- you never know. (Wink!)
Did I mention that Spring has finally made an appearance here in Colorado?  Despite snow Monday and Tuesday, by this weekend we had flip flop weather.  Hallelujiah! 
We took Maggie and Snoopy to play at a nearby Regional Park to celebrate the sun.  Pardon my grubby clothes -- I knew the dogs would get dirty and wet so I dressed appropriately!  I hope you're enjoying Springtime weather in your neck of the woods, too!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New stock

Look what I found the other day: 2 yards of lovely Celia Birtwell fabric from her line several years ago.
It's called "Mademoiselle" and is perfect for curtains or pillows; the colors are taupe and red and I just loved it on sight so I "overpaid" for it.  When I got home and did a little research and discovered it's more valuable than I realized; since I had no project in mind for it (I just liked it!) I decided it should go into the shop.  Sigh.
However, I am having the opposite experience with this lovely little apron, which I found at the same time.  It's not just the beautiful aqua color, and the perfect, stylized flower applique, or the lovely coordinating yellow and aqua fabric...
but also the fact that it's reversible, with this separate apron of the print, piped in aqua, attached to the "back" of the apron.  I love it so much that I don't think I'm going to be able to sell it.  Don't tell me that never happens to you!
This ephemera journal is already in my handmade shop -- just in time for Father's Day, or wedding season.  The postcard on the front is a new purchase from an antique fair I attended over the weekend -- it features a man on his knee with the caption, "I have just taken a new position".  I love it!
I layered it over a page from The Diary of an Edwardian Lady that had a neat woodblock of deer in the forest at the top, and accented it with washi tape, and vintage buttons and millinery -- plus a key.  I really like how it turned out.
I didn't find much at that antique fair, but another piece I liked was this little postcard that might be a funeral piece, based on the handwritten note in the upper left corner.
My other purchase that day was this seriously cute little "Travel Bingo" set -- four cards with little windows you slide as you spot the object (train gate, fire plug, chicken...) on the road.  It made me giggle!  What is making you giggle these days?

Monday, April 22, 2013

A colorful Monday round up: ephemera and blog gifts

Here's (all) I found at that last antique store I blogged about:
I need another old, falling apart book like I need a hole in the head, but I just could not resist this one because of its art nouveau dandelion cover!
This pile of old drug store bags was an exciting find!  I rarely come across new old stock anything in large quantities (where do people GET that stuff?)  These bags are small and I'll be including them in my newest ephemera packs, as well as using them for wrapping and packaging.  I'm wondering if I'm the only person you know that can get excited about a pile of old paper bags?
At that last estate sale, I found a few Frederic Remington prints in perfect condition that it look like they were purchased in the 1950s or so from the Frederic Remington Memorial Museum in New York!  I thought these were pretty special.
I also bought some old children's books, including some song books and an illustrated encyclopedia of birds (of course.)
The Gilbert and Sullivan book reminded me of my mom...she was always singing those songs because she'd learned them in school:
But I thought the best illustrations were in this Golden Book Songbook:

Last week was one of those "good mail" weeks!  First, I received this package in the mail from a blogger I met through Grow Your BlogRachel of Bluefinch Jewelry.
 Rachel makes beautiful jewelry and she sent everyone who followed her blog through the event a lovely handmade gift!  Mine are shown above: pressed flower earrings.  Don't you love the little bird cut out she used as a card?  What a thoughtful "thank you" for following her blog!  Thank you so much, Rachel!
Are you a fan of Mich in LA's blog, where Michelle creates amazing jewelry out of ordinary, everyday and completely unexpected objects?  She creates, blogs her creations, and invites people to guess what she has used for her raw materials!  It is so much fun -- I've been following her blog for a long time now and love to see what she comes up with.  She always gives away what she has created.  This time, I was the winner of her necklace made from...can you guess?...
a bird cage mirror!  How much fun is this?!  What a treat.  Thank you Michelle!

Both these blogging friends make me want to shake it up a little and do something creative and fun, too.  I'm putting on my thinking cap!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Newly listed in my shop

I just listed some fun new items in my vintage shop:
Do you ever sell something vintage and wish you hadn't?
I shipped this little beauty out in the mail the other day...
all pearls (faux) -- silk lined, perfect except for a small repair needed on the zipper.  And because it had been sitting in the shop for a while, I sold it at the reduced price of $12.  ~Sigh~

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Estate sale finds: snow day edition

It's grey and cold and BLAH here today and I'm going out of my mind.  So I thought I'd cheer myself up by showing you some of my most recent junking finds; these came from two estate sales last week.
I have been looking for a set of scales forever, and I liked this one because it's diminutive and modern.  It will be a cute display for light, small things.  That wire thing that looks like a napkin holder is probably a napkin holder but I'm going to make it into something else.  And that little salt shaker is already living its second life as part of a wind chime I crafted the other day.
I'm probably going to sell this Wizard of Oz record set if I can bear to part with this fabulous cover art...
it's two 45s with Judy Garland's voice and they appear to be in mint condition!  Too bad I no longer have a turntable to try them out.
Two GORGEOUS tablecloths -- one damask roses and the other just a lovely, smooth finish, and pristine
I've heard they existed, but this is the first time I've found a Vera sheer scarf with a tag but no signature on the scarf itself.
And another pretty Vera, this one signed and corall-y pinks with grey.
I actually picked up this knitting/sewing bag to use it as a shopping bag while I was grabbing a lot of little 25 cent stuff at the estate that cute little fabric coin purse...
and tiny boxes of candles and also Pyrex cloth strainers.  I have no idea what the strainers are for -- does anyone know?
I also grabbed a bag containing an unfinished stitchery kit, with a great oval metal hoop, and extra thread that was tied with the cutest embroidered pink ribbon.
In the ephemera realm: wax paper Dixie cups from the 1970s...
decorated with, uh, colorful Guinness Book of World Records entries...
two packages of Dennison stickers, just because I liked the envelopes and the graphics.
And more old paper; that Christmas napkin box held no napkins but those bold, bright greeting cards, instead.  I loved the old, old composition book and the funky kitty cards!
 This was too cute to pass up: a knitting pattern book for 'tweens from the 1950s.
I just LOVED the pictures, like the one above showing the girls in their big skirts and little sweaters -- and gloves -- in front a theater with a Perry Como poster!
And then this one showing two girls looking at a record album, in front of a store display of records.  I think this knitting pattern magazine was very hip for its time!