St. Augustine shopping and old town sights

I didn't have a lot of time to spend shopping.  The beach won out over the stores every time!
But on our first morning there we had to swing by this little Saturday market right in town!
It was about what you would expect from a small town flea market.
Lots of kitschy junk.  But it was awesome for people watching and for enjoying a sunny Saturday morning!
And I saw a few things I'd never seen before, like this Luci and Desi cake plate!
And these little Armed Services edition paperback books -- a whole box of them!  I can't believe I've never seen them before.
This guy was having fun with his robot display!
A bag full of vintage trim was ALL I brought home from that flea market!  It was lightweight and squishable, making it the perfect little buy for a traveling gal!
 Much later in the week I stopped by the row of antique stores that I'd been driving past/resisting all week!
 I enjoyed the sea faring theme of their street side displays...

 Look at this fabulous selection of stained glass windows!  It's a good thing they wouldn't fit into my suitcase!
 I took a photo of this display for my friend Lani, who likes flamingos and kitschy paint-by-numbers art.
My one antique find during that shopping trip was this set of "parts of speech" prints.  I saw some just like them in Virginia a couple of years ago and never forgot them.  This set of four had just arrived in the shop that morning, they told me, and the cost for the 4 of them was less than for one in VA!  So they had to come home with me.
I love them like crazy!
My crafty splurge of the week was this expensive set of washi tapes in a bird theme; we all know how I feel about birds.
 One evening, while moseying around the town square...
along the freedom trail, we stopped in an outdoor market set up that has been the site of commerce for a few hundred years.  There were some street artists selling their wares...
and so I had to honor the tradition by ordering a silver wire necklace for myself!
Dennis and I shopped late one afternoon at the award-winning San Sebastian winery in St. Augustine, while Ben stayed at the hotel and spent time on the computer.
We did their free tour and tasting, of course!
There is a whole "old town" section of St. Augustine with cobblestone streets lined with shops and restaurants to explore, too!
I found one mixed media artists co op that I especially loved:
a piece I LOVED in their window display; I didn't take photos inside but you can click on their store link above for their website and more photos.  I will definitely be back next time I'm in St. Augustine!
I loved the whole neighborhood, with its old homes, revamped shops, and mini-Santa Fe feeling!

Many of the oldest buildings were constructed with coquina shell bricks...
so if you look closely at walls you can see the tiny sea shells in the bricks.
I liked all the old iron everywhere, too.  (This one looked like a letter "J".)
I got a kick out of this installation: a tile wall/display showing multiple depictions of the town's Spanish (and sometimes violent) colonial history.

This is the reverse of the display.
While we didn't spend a lot of money in the shops, we sure did patronize all the fine eateries and enjoy seafood and local cuisine.
After long days of beach combing and sight seeing, it was so pleasant to go back to the hotel, freshen up, get dinner and then stroll around in the warm evenings!  I could live in St. Augustine!


Linda said…
Wow, that looks like it was a lot of fun, whew had a hard time keeping up with you. And yes, I could live there also!
Unknown said…
I guess I never realized how old St.Augustine was. Looks much better than the crazy Orlando and Daytona...going to have to add this to my want to visit list!
{{SIGH}} Lovely, you lucky girl!
Kathy said…
Oh Laurie, what a wonderful vacation! I love that flamingo and I can only imagine the price tag on it. I have a few but they have gotten SO spendy. Love the little bundle to lacy goodness you brought home, too. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.
Lani Robertson said…
St. Augustine sure looks like a fabulous town! I do love the flamingos and paint-by-numbers...I would have had to find a way to stuff them in my suitcase if I had gone! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos. :)
Marrianna said…
Laurie, you bring new and a warm feeling to the old term, "window shopping." And I'm grateful for it. A not so good habit of mine is to "shop" and not "window" shop. Makes traveling even more expensive. I'm going out and about today with my BFF to thrift stores and I'm going to take a page from your blog entries: more photos, less buying. I'm really grateful to you for these lovely posts about St. Augustine. Thank you.
Sami said…
What a quaint beautiful town. The coquina shells building reminds me of my recent trip to the North of Western Australia to the town of Denham where the church and a restaurant are built of coquina bricks. I love the stained windows for would be something I wish I could buy too.
How lovely! I think I could live there, too. So nice when a town has so much to offer. Looks like ya'll had a fabulous time. Best wishes, Tammy
Linda said…
I've been gone for awhile but enjoyed catching up with all the beautiful photos. Looks like a fun trip for all of you and a nice break from the cold weather. Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much.
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
what fun ur trip was!! I am also getting ready for a lil mini trip for my birthday....
that cake stand is fab

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