Happy April!

Have you ever seen "Enchanted April"? It's a wonderful film and one of my favorites. This movie has it all - beautiful cinematography, to-die-for atmosphere, amazing costumes, superb acting...
It received a couple of Golden Globes and was nominated for, but did not win, a few Academy Awards as well.

The film is about two married women, Lottie and Rose, unknown to each other, who are living dreary lives in early 20th century England. They see an ad in the newspaper to rent a villa in Italy for the month of April and hatch a plot to do the unthinkable, and something out of character for both of them, when they rent the villa for a girl's getaway. 

One of the most empathy-inspiring moments near the beginning of the film is when Lottie stops in the pouring rain to record an expenditure in a small tiny notebook her frugal husband has given her for that purpose.

I thought of Lottie when I found this little red notebook at an antique show I went to yesterday -- and I had to have it.
When I opened it up this morning I googled its author, Myriam C. Garrett, and found that she was born in Colorado Springs in 1895. This notebook records her purchases beginning in 1914 and through 1918; so, she would have been 19 years old and single when she began keeping track. According to the Google entry, her father was in sales so she would have been, I think, middle class.

This was the world of 1914 - 1918 Colorado Springs:
Here are examples of some of Myriam's entries: handkerchief - .05, sealing wax - .10, calico - .30, trip to Denver (3 days) - 1.20.

Especially interesting are her entries at the back of the book, for clothing over the years.
I love how she has entries for a Voile waist as well as hiking boots! This is surely because, as my mother-in-law has said, one must be rather "rugged" to live here!

This is a photo of a woman in 1914 near Garden of the Gods, which is now a national park.

I hope you've enjoyed this charming glimpse at Myriam's everyday life!

This post originally appeared on this blog in 2009.


kathyinozarks said…
good morning, yes I did thoroughly enjoy this post-
Janet Ghio said…
what a fun and interesting find at the antique show! I loved the movie Enchanted April-thanks for reminding me-I may have to get it from Netflix
Linda said…
Thanks for the post, but I'm now left wondering what French Play she would have seen that cost the princely sum of 20 cents!

Thanks :)
Unknown said…
I LOVE that movie...I have to admit I should watch it again because it has been so long. I even read the book after I saw the movie. One of the books I will never get rid of!
I loved the movie and thank you for re-posting; I missed it the first time 'round and thoroughly enjoyed reading about Miss Myriam's diary.
Kathy said…
I love the way you related your found treasure to a glimpse into the past. Very well done. Give us more!!
GardenOfDaisies said…
I do love that movie. :-) And what a wonderful little glimpse back into history that expense book has give all of us, of how young ladies lived then.
Linda said…
now i will be curious until i see the movie. love the little notebook, an interesting glimpse into her life and the time period.
Derrith said…
What a fun post! I love the little notebook and all it tells us about life at that time. Regarding "Enchanted April" it is in my top 3 favorite movies. I've watched it many many times. :-)
Unknown said…
I love that book....it is so interesting to look at things written in the past. I always get a kick out of the prices in ledgers like this.

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