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Once upon a time I read all of the hundreds of blogs I follow in Google Reader -- and happily so.  But a few weeks ago, as you may have heard, Google announced they are retiring Reader.
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Now, that DOES NOT MEAN they are retiring Google Friend Connect -- the little gadget you see on my right sidebar titled "Indulgent Friends" which lists my, currently, 432 followers.  But, you may recall, Google took Friend Connect away from many, non-Blogger blogs a while back.  Therefore, with the news that Reader is going away, I am a bit nervous that Friend Connect MAY soon follow Reader into oblivion (but don't quote me on that.)
In the interest of planning ahead and remaining connected, I've made my blog available on bloglovin'.  You can follow Indulge Your Shelf on bloglovin' by simply clicking on this icon in the right sidebar --->
I've been using bloglovin' as my reader for a couple of weeks now and I love it.  I find the format makes it easier to keep up with my blog reading (have you noticed more comments from me lately?)
Three reasons to love bloglovin':
First of all, I was able to export all my blog links from Reader directly to bloglovin' in one easy step, which was a great time saver.  Second, I like how I the bloglovin' page is clean and easy to read; also, I can sort all my unread blog posts by "oldest".  Third, I enjoy the screenshot/preview of each blog post.  It's very easy on the eyes.  Last, it's easier than Reader to create "groups" of blogs, which can really help you keep track of friendships and connections.  Example: all the blogs that post about thrifty finds can be put into one group, or, all the blogs written by friends you met at an event into another group...ETC!  The possibilities are endless.
And I have no doubt that, with the demise of Google Reader, bloglovin' will continue to upgrade/improve/offer more.  Won't you join me there?


Janet Ghio said…
I am so confused about what blogger is doing. I don't read the blogs I follow in reader I just click on my blogs and a list comes up with a small photo and a few lines of the post-then I go to the blog to read the post and comment. Is this feature also going away? Do you know?
Kathy said…
Sheesh! I never even knew that I need to make my blog available for reading in different programs. I just figure when somebody follows me they will figure out a way. I don't use a reader tool myself. I just click my blog list and scroll through them. Is there some way you can find out which programs your blog can be read from?
I made the switch to BlogLovin several weeks ago and I'm very happy with it.

Unknown said…
I really like the visual improvements Bloglovin has over Google. I just wonder if there will be another way to show followers? It gets a little annoying all the monthly changes Google keep deciding upon! I guess they have a reason, but this one I can't figure out why.
autena said…
Oh thanks for the notice. I am following you and all my others on Bloglovin' now (besides, I love the name!)
Marrianna said…
I tried this yesterday for another blog. I don't know if all my blogs in Google Reader got exported so I'll check later. I just added yours to my BlogLovin account even though I get email notices when you post (this is far easier for me and I stay current with blogs I follow). Thank you.
Marrianna said…
I spoke too soon. I just went to my BlogLovin page and all the blogs are there that were in Google Reader. This was easy-peasy. You are so sweet to send out this notice.
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
it shall be interesting with all these changes coming !!! are you ready for birdsong Laurie....

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