A colorful Monday round up: ephemera and blog gifts

Here's (all) I found at that last antique store I blogged about:
I need another old, falling apart book like I need a hole in the head, but I just could not resist this one because of its art nouveau dandelion cover!
This pile of old drug store bags was an exciting find!  I rarely come across new old stock anything in large quantities (where do people GET that stuff?)  These bags are small and I'll be including them in my newest ephemera packs, as well as using them for wrapping and packaging.  I'm wondering if I'm the only person you know that can get excited about a pile of old paper bags?
At that last estate sale, I found a few Frederic Remington prints in perfect condition that it look like they were purchased in the 1950s or so from the Frederic Remington Memorial Museum in New York!  I thought these were pretty special.
I also bought some old children's books, including some song books and an illustrated encyclopedia of birds (of course.)
The Gilbert and Sullivan book reminded me of my mom...she was always singing those songs because she'd learned them in school:
But I thought the best illustrations were in this Golden Book Songbook:

Last week was one of those "good mail" weeks!  First, I received this package in the mail from a blogger I met through Grow Your BlogRachel of Bluefinch Jewelry.
 Rachel makes beautiful jewelry and she sent everyone who followed her blog through the event a lovely handmade gift!  Mine are shown above: pressed flower earrings.  Don't you love the little bird cut out she used as a card?  What a thoughtful "thank you" for following her blog!  Thank you so much, Rachel!
Are you a fan of Mich in LA's blog, where Michelle creates amazing jewelry out of ordinary, everyday and completely unexpected objects?  She creates, blogs her creations, and invites people to guess what she has used for her raw materials!  It is so much fun -- I've been following her blog for a long time now and love to see what she comes up with.  She always gives away what she has created.  This time, I was the winner of her necklace made from...can you guess?...
a bird cage mirror!  How much fun is this?!  What a treat.  Thank you Michelle!

Both these blogging friends make me want to shake it up a little and do something creative and fun, too.  I'm putting on my thinking cap!


Unknown said…
I love bag finds like that. They are so fun to use for our artsy endeavors. I got a bunch of Chinese New Years bags that are supposed to hold money, and old carnival bags for peanuts and pickles a while back and I love using them! Great finds!
Michelle L. said…
Lovely post, Laurie! I agree, those vintage dandelions are just too cool to pass up. Thanks for the shout out, wear your funny necklace in good health!
Kelli Davidson said…
I LOVE the Golden Book illustrations!! Just beautiful....lucky find!
Vanessa said…
I love all the ephemera and books, beautiful! I'm a sucker for kid's books and their illustrations. So hard to resist them.
Kathy said…
Trust me, you are not the only one who can get excited over a stack of paper bags. I wouldn't have been able to resist that book cover, either. I, too, am a little overrun and thinking I should just start keeping the covers and toss the rest.
Fun surprises in the mailbox!
Loving your finds, especially the books...had a the song and bird books as a kid. Love your gifted treasures too! Sending you some warm AZ sun, my friend.
Kadee Willow said…
First... do you know that we will get to meet each other at Karla's???? I just saw her button on your side bar. I'm sooo excited!! Now, onto your finds, which I am so thrilled you found. Love books and will continue to buy them no matter what! Those graphics would have caught my eye, too! And the song book?? I had not seen that book since I was a little girl..thanks for triggering the memory!! And the other items? Fabulous!! You did good, girl!!!
Wow, what a load of fun finds. I remember Rexall Drug Stores when I was young and the Gilbert & Sullivan plays we had to do in Jr. High. Michelle's Guess the Mystery Thing challenges are so much fun...love her creative imagination.
Unknown said…
I would be excited by the bags too. Maybe we both are strange but I have a feeling there are a lot more of us than you think.....I love song books......they bring back such happy memories from school!!!! I loved chorus and singing.
Beth Leintz said…
Laurie, Of course you're not the only person that would get excited about the drug store bags- they are awesome. It's so much fun when you can find A BUNCH of anything old!
Bluefinch said…
I am so glad you liked the earrings! They are actually made of layers of paper. Thanks so much for the lovely blog shout out too!
The design and colors of the first book cover are awesome, and those earrings are such a lovely gift.
Linda said…
Oh the ephemera is divine. What great finds.

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