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Time marches on

I know it's almost September already, but I was still surprised to all the Christmas items in the store at Hobby Lobby today!  It really got me in the holiday crafting mood. I didn't buy any, but have enjoyed seeing the burlap every thing in the store -- these rolls of  "ribbon" were on sale today. My trip to Hobby Lobby was part of a day out with my husband: first a trip to the indoor pool to swim laps, then a late breakfast, then a thrift store, then the craft store, and lastly a stop at Dairy Queen before heading home to sit on the patio for a while.  The house still feels quiet and empty, but I'm feeling better than I was last week.   Thank you for all the kind comments and sympathy. Change can be hard. I had a little fun at work this past week when I volunteered to help with our company's talent show, Broadmoor Night Live.  It was done as a take-off on Saturday Night Live, with similar skits between the various acts.  I have many talented c

My empty nest

I knew it was coming, and so did you because I've been talking about it for months, haven't I?  On Thursday, my son left home to move into the dorms at his college. I've been anticipating the change and I knew it would be hard, but the reality feels so much worse than what I thought it would be like.  I'm kind of surprised that I haven't heard a lot of talk about how awful this transition is from other moms who have already been through it. Oh, there are a couple of articles on coping with your child leaving home on the Internet that have come my way, but, seriously, there should be whole books .  Remember What to Expect When You're Expecting ?  There needs to be a book like that for this phase of life, too.  It could be called something like, What You Need to Know to Let Go  and it could be filled with sage advice on things like how to stop listening for them to come home every night, and what to do with all the extra milk in the refrigerator. There coul