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Eagle Scout

We celebrated a milestone the other day when Ben earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  We are very proud of him and the hard work he did to earn it; it was a long road. His journey to Eagle began in 2nd grade, when he first joined Cub Scouts. He's been a Scout faithfully all the years since then. For a couple of years he belonged simultaneously to two troops because he joined a troop put together just to travel to the national Jamboree.  I blogged about that trip here . All through the Scouting years he's made some great friends, and they have grown up together. And he's had the chance to get to know and be mentored by a whole cast of wonderful adult leaders. Ben's Eagle project was a service project for a local elementary school.  They wanted a particular addition to their playground with decorated tires and a bean bag toss. Tires were collected and painted at my kitchen table... There was also a good bit of paperwork. It was difficult

Grown up coloring books and changes

I bought a couple of grown-up coloring books to amuse me during my last days at a job where I could create/play in between phone calls. Coloring is so relaxing -- I highly recommend it for peaceful moments. I've even seen some guys at work coloring! In progress -- I finished this one yesterday, on my last day at work; I also finished this little stitching project from a kit. It feels good to be done with all of it -- but most especially the job! The best part of any experience is always the people, isn't it?  Two gals, Kim and Linda, came out to a restaurant after work last night to help me celebrate my last day.  We laughed into the evening.  Kim has also started a new job and we're rooting for Linda to make a change, too. Tomorrow I will start my new job working in an office at the beautiful  Broadmoor  in Colorado Springs.  I have high hopes for really loving it there. Summer seems to have finally really arrived around here. Rebecca

The front porch garden chair is out!

After the wettest May on record, ever, in Colorado -- June is here and we are finally seeing some sunshine.  So this weekend I got out my garden chair for the front porch. I was thinking about how I have probably had this chair for about 10 years now -- since rescuing it from Goodwill as a chair and distressing it and adding an annual bloom. Do you remember this plaque I made from found scraps, spelling out our last name Jackson?  Well, this year it has become the centerpiece of the chair. I swiped some fresh white paint here and there over the already peeling paint from previous years. To me, geraniums say "summer"!  On June 1 my baby turned 18 and with the season comes even more changes -- including a new job for me that I'll be starting in a couple of weeks!