Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Grown up coloring books and changes

I bought a couple of grown-up coloring books to amuse me during my last days at a job where I could create/play in between phone calls.
Coloring is so relaxing -- I highly recommend it for peaceful moments.
I've even seen some guys at work coloring!
In progress -- I finished this one yesterday, on my last day at work;
I also finished this little stitching project from a kit.
It feels good to be done with all of it -- but most especially the job!
The best part of any experience is always the people, isn't it?  Two gals, Kim and Linda, came out to a restaurant after work last night to help me celebrate my last day.  We laughed into the evening.  Kim has also started a new job and we're rooting for Linda to make a change, too.
Tomorrow I will start my new job working in an office at the beautiful Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.  I have high hopes for really loving it there.
Summer seems to have finally really arrived around here.
Rebecca and I stopped by a local market the other day -- here we are in a photo booth that was actually the backseat of a VW bus.
As I've mentioned before, the theme of my summer is transition.
Between the new job and preparing for Ben to go away to college it's change after change. 
If only I was more comfortable with change.
Oh well -- nowhere to go but forward!
What is the theme of your summer?


Lorraine said...

I hadn't thought about a theme for my summer - I just want it to be better than last year's and there be more relaxation. Good luck on your new job! Love the coloring pages and that last photo of the sky - WOW! what a gorgeous shade of blue!

Anonymous said...

I also have not thought about a theme for summer hmmmm . . . Congratulations on your new job! I LOVE the little nest piece that you did! An adult coloring book sounds like so much fun.

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, Laurie, congrats on the new job!! I have been to The Broadmore and one of the things that struck me was how much the people who worked there seemed to love their jobs. Fingers crossed this will be a new "home" for you!

Andi's English Attic said...

I bought my dad an adult colouring book as he's always at a loose end, being disabled. He won't even try it. I think my mum will have a go before he does.
Good luck with the new job. Hope you find some fantastic new friends to spend your working days with.

Marrianna said...

The Broadmoore looks like a beautiful place. I look forward to more photos of the buildings and the beautiful grounds. Congratulations on the new job. As for a summer theme, I hadn't thought about one, however, now you have me thinking maybe it would be good to look at my year and this summer as "facing new challenges" for a theme.


suziqu's thread works said...

Endings and new beginnings! I wish you luck in your new position Laurie and have to say your stitched kit is so very sweet!
Everyone needs a little time for doodling and coloring in don't they?
Enjoy your week!

Michele Murray said...

I wish you happiness at your new job...
I do know what it is like to have your child go off to college, all will be fine, I am sure.
Summer has finally arrived here in upstate Vermont, still a lot of rain and cooler days, but will take it all.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.