Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

 This one went out to Claudia, to thank her for the cards she sent me
 I made this one for our neighbors, who took us for a dinner out
 The rest...just because

 On this one, "dance", I just kept going and's probably overdone!
My temporary job should get very exciting this week, as we have the first of the bi-monthly events that are important to the job.  I hope it goes well!  Up until now, they've had me fill time by entering a hand-written index into a database.
It's mostly tedious, but every once in a while I come across something really interesting among the facts that makes my imagination go wild!
 Dennis and I celebrated Valentine's Day early, and locally, with dinner out at Blue Star...
and then a night at the theater.  We saw Enchanted April -- and I took this photo of the stage before the play started, and before I knew we weren't supposed to take any photos!  Shh, don't tell!
And here's a photo of my sweet kittens -- can you spot them both?  I hope you have a lovely "hearts and flowers" day, as I like to call it, and enjoy your week!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy February

I love it when I find something so simple and common, but old, that it makes my heart sing!  Here's another photo of that vintage candy box that I bought at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.
I got a wonderful surprise in the mail this week from a creative blog world friend, Claudia!  She asked me if I wanted some vintage cards she was parting with, and when they arrived they were so truly amazing!
The cards are by Hallmark, and were created on very heavy paper; each one is die cut and in their original lives, they each had a feather decorating their tops.  Inside each "little women" doll is sweet prose about the woman and the land she comes from.
I am so inspired to create a BANNER out of them!  Especially since the backs are as pretty as the fronts!
Stay tuned for that project.  I'm so grateful for friends who think of me when they come across these treasures!
Talented Claudia included a beautiful Valentine fabric bookmark, which I love!
I did some more therapeutic thrift shopping last week, and bought a very few things I wanted to show you.  Above, this was an unopened package of letter pressed baby shower announcements; I bought them because the paper border was so beautiful in pink and the paper of such high quality, and I plan to use them as a base for other pretty paper art.  The polka dotted envelopes were a bonus!
Then I found this opened package of vintage shamrock doilies, with a metallic sheen.  I had never seen anything like them!  I'm looking forward to using them and some of the wonderful things I got in a swap last year for some St. Patrick's Day crafting this year!
Then, I found this monogrammed handkerchief and I had to bring it home because the initials reminded me so poignantly of my dear friend Margaret, lost last year.  Being in contact with her ex-husband recently caused a fresh wave of grief in me, and the hankie comforted me just a tiny bit.
On to cheerier subjects: while I was making my husband a Valentine's Day Wish List on Etsy, I bought myself a couple of things, including this batch of printed fabric swatches, all Jane Austen-themed.  I would like to make myself a new fabric book using them, and am excited to get started on that.
I've also taken a lot of time to list stuff in my Etsy shop -- am up to 71 items available!  Above, a sweet vintage Easter decoration, quite rare.  I had a big success a couple of weeks ago when a man in Austria bought my vintage Austrian print and I happily sent it back "home".  (This tells me that I should be willing to open my shop to international buyers, but it is so expensive to ship to them I just can hardly bear to do it.  Such a dilemma.  If you sell online, do you ship internationally?)
I also listed this wonderful Betty Boop quilt pattern, with transfers!  I'm not a Betty Boop fan myself, but I couldn't pass it up because I know there are many people out there who love her and would be thrilled to have this!
Then, I decided to finally part with one of my vintage sewing boxes with the sweet kitten motif:
It's in such great condition and the others like it on Etsy are not, so it will probably make someone very happy!
I also discovered that this beautiful card-table/luncheon-sized tablecloth I found was actually by Wilendure, which are collected.
The roses on the cloth are just too beautiful!  I really love so much of the things I have in my shop right now and it makes me happy to offer them to the vintage-loving community!
I have just lately been swept off my feet by the series, The Crown.  If you haven't watched it, put it on your list.  Wonderful acting, incredible sets -- it will transport you!

Thank you for visiting and commenting -- it means the world to me!