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Happy Valentine's Day!

 This one went out to Claudia, to thank her for the cards she sent me  I made this one for our neighbors, who took us for a dinner out  The rest...just because  On this one, "dance", I just kept going and's probably overdone! My temporary job should get very exciting this week, as we have the first of the bi-monthly events that are important to the job.  I hope it goes well!  Up until now, they've had me fill time by entering a hand-written index into a database. It's mostly tedious, but every once in a while I come across something really interesting among the facts that makes my imagination go wild!  Dennis and I celebrated Valentine's Day early, and locally, with dinner out at Blue Star ... and then a night at the theater.  We saw Enchanted April -- and I took this photo of the stage before the play started, and before I knew we weren't supposed to take any photos!   Shh, don't tell! And here's a pho

Happy February

I love it when I find something so simple and common, but old, that it makes my heart sing!  Here's another photo of that vintage candy box that I bought at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. I got a wonderful surprise in the mail this week from a creative blog world friend, Claudia!  She asked me if I wanted some vintage cards she was parting with, and when they arrived they were so truly amazing! The cards are by Hallmark, and were created on very heavy paper; each one is die cut and in their original lives, they each had a feather decorating their tops.  Inside each "little women" doll is sweet prose about the woman and the land she comes from. I am so inspired to create a BANNER out of them!  Especially since the backs are as pretty as the fronts! Stay tuned for that project.  I'm so grateful for friends who think of me when they come across these treasures! Talented Claudia included a beautiful Valentine fabric bookmark, which I love! I did some