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A day of estate sales

I went estate sale-ing yesterday! It was so much fun. There were four sales in a row, close together and all very different in style. On the drive to one of them I saw two MORE signs for unadvertised estate sales! I wish I could have spent all day going from one to the other, but I did make it to three of them anyway! My favorite was the home of a woman who reminded me of all of my vintage-crafting-junking friends! To the extreme -- just about every surface of all her walls, up to the ceilings in many cases -- were covered with art and knick knacks. She had fabric, notions, plate, plates and more plates! I spent a lot of time in the house, just taking in and enjoying everything she had assembled. The majority of it was not my style, but it was still fascinating. Many of her items still had the thrift store tags attached to them, and it made me wonder how often I may have passed her in those shops over the years? My favorite thing about her house was the way she used some o

Valentines at work, and a re-vamped banner

I made this banner so many years ago, using cards created by artist Julia Syndor (sadly, she no longer has a shop.)  I decorated it with some flimsy things like dictionary book page rosettes and crepe paper, which have deteriorated, so I needed to revamp it. It was a long project!  I didn't realize how long it would take me to create more rosettes, etc.  But now it's finished, and it's hanging up in my office: I don't think I will ever get tired of it!  Above it, I hung a rag wreath I made a couple of years ago, to which I pinned tags I'd made or received in a valentine swap!  Here's the rest of my work decor: I know I've shown you this before, but the large fabric collage is "inchies" from a swap from 2014, where we each made a heart-themed patch.  It's one of my favorite things! I love my office right now, all full of color and sweetness!

Decorating for Valentine's Day

I love to decorate for Valentine's Day; it takes away the blues of having put away all the Christmas things! That big vintage honeycomb heart is new this year!  I found it at the thrift store recently. A Valentine I made for my husband a few years ago!  I think a small box like a jewelry case or a sewing kit makes a cute display -- especially if it's red! That beautiful heart box on the end with the stripes contained a sweet treat from a faraway friend!  I just love how she did the box and I've cherished it!