Sunday, February 10, 2019

A day of estate sales

I went estate sale-ing yesterday! It was so much fun. There were four sales in a row, close together and all very different in style. On the drive to one of them I saw two MORE signs for unadvertised estate sales! I wish I could have spent all day going from one to the other, but I did make it to three of them anyway! My favorite was the home of a woman who reminded me of all of my vintage-crafting-junking friends! To the extreme -- just about every surface of all her walls, up to the ceilings in many cases -- were covered with art and knick knacks. She had fabric, notions, plate, plates and more plates! I spent a lot of time in the house, just taking in and enjoying everything she had assembled. The majority of it was not my style, but it was still fascinating. Many of her items still had the thrift store tags attached to them, and it made me wonder how often I may have passed her in those shops over the years? My favorite thing about her house was the way she used some of her things; it is the dead of winter now, freezing cold in Colorado, but I can look at her front garden (above) and know that in the spring and summer it would be full of bird friends and wonderful to look at. If you look closely at the trees, in addition to bird houses, she has hung thrift store decor in the trees and planted in the garden below.
Here is just a little bit of her backyard; notice how she has taken green spray paint and covered almost everything in that same color of green.  It's hard to see in the photo, but it really made a statement of continuity!
 Her placement of statuettes and things was whimsical -- almost magical!
One of two little shed/houses she had in the back. It must have been an incredible yard to visit and linger in, in its time.
Here's just one example of the inside that I photographed: the bathroom. This is a photo of over the tub, and everything was for sale. I asked permission to photograph everything I did, and the estate sale rep said go ahead; I think he, too, realized it was all about to go away and should have been remembered.
The only thing I did, in fact, purchase there was this grab bag of sewing and crafting items: trims, ribbon, and buttons. I know I will use it all and some of what she so grandly collected will go to good use! There was a beautiful pink china set that I am trying to forget about going back to buy -- today is the 1/2 price day.
Another estate sale was in a 100+ year old home and it was a lot of fun to wander around and see what all there was in there.  I didn't find much, though -- just these pretty frames (above)...
 and this home-made Christmas decoration I couldn't leave behind!
 look at that little bottle brush tree!
And then this trim, which I hardly ever find. It had been used but was still in great shape and I will put it to use in a craft or decor, someday!
Besides all that, here are few little things I spied and had to have at various thrift stores just this week: this crystal-ball-looking pink thing is actually a container.  The ball lifts off the base and inside was Benefit brand cosmetics.  I bought it, though, for the kitschy 1960s vibe of the decoration, and it's unique shape!
 This is the back side.  I think it's perfect among my other pink and red, valentine-y decor right now!
I had to buy a grab bag of other crafty stuff just to get these three tiny doll heads, but I wanted them so badly.  I hardly ever find stuff like this around here.  I think it all goes to Portland and Magpie Ethel buys it.
 This kitschy little cupid guy -- another Valentine's Day sort of thing I had to have.
I see these alot, but this one was cheap and, I thought, had great detail! (Wink!)


Linda said...

I see Laurie asleep in her bed, with visions of crafting filling her head - LOL. Loads of stuff that would want to come home with me also. Interesting to see what ideas you come up with.

Shirlee Fassell said...

OMG amazing the tag sales I go to are so voting compaired to this!

Marrianna said...

I really admire your restraint at estate sales. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes not. Our estate sale season is starting up and it’s so cold that I don’t care about possibly missing something I absolutely do not need. One of our estate sales group is now partnering with 2 places that hold the leftovers and money goes to charity. Haven’t been there yet but when the weather gets warmer, I’ll check it out. I absolutely need nothing but every once in awhile, I find something I really love and can use, at least for awhile.

Happy winter,

Pallas said...

I love the place with all the whimsical decorations!