Sunday, July 28, 2013

Birthdays and other special occasions

I couldn't believe that I found a fish image that inspired me for Tag Tuesday!  In this case, Un poisson d'Avril.  Isn't she adorable?  You can read about it over at Tag Tuesday!
Today's my buddy Rebecca's birthday and I'm surprising her with a piece of architectural salvage I found at a friend's sale downtown yesterday; I added a very simple burlap tag I made in place of a birthday card.  I couldn't get a photo of the whole thing, but it's quite a bit taller than I am.  I can't wait to see what she does with it!
Tomorrow we're remembering the 11th birthday of the child we sponsor through Compassion International; he lives in Peru and is getting so big!  Little boys have a way of doing that.
Of course, this birthday made me very happy this week as well.  The emotion I felt was unexpected, but they are young and their lives as a family of 3 are just beginning; it brought back many, many happy memories of when Dennis and I were in their place 16 summers ago.  What an amazing journey.
A highlight of the work week was when this painting I listed surprised us all by selling for $2,800!  I knew it was special, just not how special.  That was fun!
Here's another item I had fun listing: a silk hand-painted tiny hankie.  It won't sell for $2800 -- but isn't is just the sweetest?
Also, this lovely cowbell.  Because (say it with me), you need more cowbell!  No one has bid on it yet and it's fabulous.  It's items like this that are testing my will to only buy one thing for myself per pay period!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who doesn't love half price?

I'm having a BIG SALE in my Etsy shop.  As you know, after beginning work with, I have to liquidate my vintage shop.
It's hard to part with some of the stuff, but it would be SO MUCH EASIER if I knew it was going to friends!
And friends of friends!  So tell everyone!  I am close to 600 sales -- wouldn't it be great to hit that and liquidate the shop before I become "permanent" at Discover Goodwill?  That's my hope.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Project progress

I thought you'd like to see the progress I've made on a couple of recent projects:
You may recall the holder I fashioned a while back from old architectural trim and fencing; here it is, with a few tags hanging from it; I decided to add the wreath I made at Birdsong III in the center.  I really like the look of the two projects together!
Here's that trunk I bought a few weeks ago, chalk painted.  It's a work in progress, but I am liking it so far!
If you get chance, please visit the Tag Tuesday blog; I'm playing along with many other contributors with a different theme each week. This past week:
 The Roaring Twenties
I must admit I'm having a bit of difficulty being inspired by the most recent tag themes; but, that might just be because I'm not doing as much creating these days so it takes me a while to find my muse.  Especially with this week's theme: Fish.  Fish?  I'm sure I'll be blown away with what everyone else comes up with, though.  I always am!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer footnotes

A few weeks ago I went on a little shopping trip with Rebecca; first, we hit an antique sale in Black Forest.  I think the gal who was having it had just closed her booth at a local antique co-op.  There wasn't much to tempt me except a little table she had: everything on it was 3/$1.
I chose these three goodies.
I thought this vase had lovely lines.  Of course, at that price it had one chip -- but only one and it's not noticeable.
How cute is this little china doll?  I love the way the previous owner sewed a little dress for her.
Speaking of antiques in Black Forest: I am so sad to tell you that I learned last week that Deanne, an antique vendor I have long enjoyed visiting, has lost everything in the fire last month.  It's not just the beautiful antiques that filled her barn but all the family pieces she had and used everyday in her home.  My heart weeps for her.
Later that same day, Rebecca and I headed to Castle Rock to visit The Barn.  As it's lavender season around here, I bought this lovely bundle that someone had taken care to fouf up.
A sweet little chalkboard tag clipped to the lovely paper wrapping the bundle...
and this cute metal phrase tied on with lace and seam ribbon.   Of course, it smells as pretty as it looks. I just love it.
As I write this on a Sunday morning, my son readies himself for the last week of work as a camp counselor. It's not been easy to see so very little of him this summer.  I feel so bad that he'll be home just TWO DAYS before his Junior year of high school begins on August 2.  Yep...summer's just about over here.  To be honest, I'd like to say I'm sorry to see it end, but that would not be entirely true.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chokin' Charlie, work dreams, and little known facts about old time DJs

Remember when I said I don't get to pick what I list on  Here's a good example:
This is Chokin' Charlie.  If you've ever used a dummy to learn the Heimlich maneuver you might have met him already.  Funny thing is, the day he sat on the cart waiting to be listed he kept freaking me that I-see-someone-behind-me-out-of-the-corner-of-my-eye kind of way.  It wasn't funny, even.

I didn't get to him the first day, so then the next morning when I got to work, he had a sheet draped over him.  'Turns out I wasn't the only one who kept getting startled by Charlie! Much to everyone's relief, I finally got him listed and put away (still covered.)
I have now worked at my new job long enough (6 weeks) that I have begun to dream about it.  Do you have work dreams?  I always have had.  My work dreams are usually produced by anxiety, and they usually make me wake up laughing. The most vivid work dream I ever had was when I was 21 and moonlighted (after my office job) as a disc jockey at a night club.
This was back in the olden days, when we actually used RECORDS (singles) to play music in the clubs.  I had two turntables; one would be playing music while I set the second one up, and then I usually had plenty of time to switch over from one to the other and set up the next song while the first was playing.

In my Most Vivid Work Dream, I arrived at the club one night to find that someone had taken it upon themselves to rearrange all the records.  So I couldn't find anything in time to get it set up to play.

Now that was a job to remember. When I applied for it, the manager told me to show up for an audition the next night.  I was so nervous because I'd never done it before and had only gotten a grudging, quick lesson about the equipment from a guy who wanted the job himself before going "on".  The guy gave me a few words of advice ("Play Madonna") and then I was on my own.
Lucky for me, just before I started spinning tunes a Bachelorette Party walked into the bar. Let's just say, we were not their first stop.  They were ready to dance and I was able to oblige.  What was funny is that just at the time the manager told me he was ready to see what I could do I started playing songs like this:
and the Bachelorette Party girls started whooping and clapping and getting everyone up on the dance floor -- basically making me look like I was one heck of a DJ.  The manager pointed at me and said, "You're hired" -- and he never had any idea it was just a fluke that I'd had such a good audition.
I felt lucky to get the job at first.  Then I found out that the same manager had a few rules I didn't like: one of them was that I had to play a Hall & Oates set every night.  You may not realize this, but DJs can be kind of sensitive about what songs they play.  They see the songs as a reflection of them.  And they don't want to play songs by Hall & Oates when, really, they're a New Order kind of gal.
He also made me play a Motown set and a Beatles set -- neither of which I really minded like I minded Hall & Oates (shudder.)

I remember one time, shortly before I quit that job, there was a girl who would come into the club every time I was working and ask me to play this song:
I have no words -- even  now -- for how much I hated playing that song.  So I used to tell her that I lost the record.  Then she'd argue and say the DJ the night before had played it.  So I'd tell her I just couldn't find it, but then she'd push her way into the DJ booth and locate it. After this happened 3 or 4 times I just snapped the 45 in two, in front of her.  She told my boss and I got in trouble.  It was worth it.
So what does that all have to do with my now job at  Oh yeah, Work Dreams.  So now that I've taken my new job all the way to my subconscious, dream life I am having work dreams about it.  The dreams go along as my dreams normally do, except that every now and then an unusual or out-of-context item will show up in my dream.

And I have to stop whatever I'm doing to measure, weigh, and describe it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Have you ever made a snippet?  There's a great tutorial here.  I had a blast making ten of them to take with me to Kansas in June.  (Yeah, I'm still on June...leave me alone...I'll get caught up!)
I really enjoyed working on them.  There was so much freedom in assembling these pretty little rolls...
using bits and pieces of pretty supplies that, though tiny, are still full of prettiness!
 I love them, anyway!

Here's what they look like before they're rolled up.
And here are the Tiffany ones I made; there's one left in my shop.
I'm going to make more.  Are you making anything these days?  

Friday, July 12, 2013

A fabric book for Karla

When I went to Birdsong III last month, it was my fourth visit to enjoy Karla's hospitality for an art event, so I wanted to bring something special for her to let her know how much I appreciate all she does.
You know how I love making these fabric books; this time, I had the "base" of a book I'd made a few months ago, and I started adding to it to personalize it for Karla.

I included some images I printed on fabric that Karla has shown on her blog or on Facebook, of her sweet little grand daughters.

I tied in a bird tag (of course), and finally "signed" it with some black French laundry tape with my initials on it.

Here's the back cover...
then, I packaged it all in a cloth envelope that I embellished with burlap and ribbon.
She seemed to really enjoy it; I know I loved making it for her!