Summer footnotes

A few weeks ago I went on a little shopping trip with Rebecca; first, we hit an antique sale in Black Forest.  I think the gal who was having it had just closed her booth at a local antique co-op.  There wasn't much to tempt me except a little table she had: everything on it was 3/$1.
I chose these three goodies.
I thought this vase had lovely lines.  Of course, at that price it had one chip -- but only one and it's not noticeable.
How cute is this little china doll?  I love the way the previous owner sewed a little dress for her.
Speaking of antiques in Black Forest: I am so sad to tell you that I learned last week that Deanne, an antique vendor I have long enjoyed visiting, has lost everything in the fire last month.  It's not just the beautiful antiques that filled her barn but all the family pieces she had and used everyday in her home.  My heart weeps for her.
Later that same day, Rebecca and I headed to Castle Rock to visit The Barn.  As it's lavender season around here, I bought this lovely bundle that someone had taken care to fouf up.
A sweet little chalkboard tag clipped to the lovely paper wrapping the bundle...
and this cute metal phrase tied on with lace and seam ribbon.   Of course, it smells as pretty as it looks. I just love it.
As I write this on a Sunday morning, my son readies himself for the last week of work as a camp counselor. It's not been easy to see so very little of him this summer.  I feel so bad that he'll be home just TWO DAYS before his Junior year of high school begins on August 2.  Yep...summer's just about over here.  To be honest, I'd like to say I'm sorry to see it end, but that would not be entirely true.


Kathy said…
I adore that little dolly. My heart weeps, as well, at the thought of losing all those treasures, especially the family things. I know it is the people and not the things that matter but it would still be hard.
JoJo said…
I will be so happy when summer is over! So very sad about the fire though. :(
Linda said…
3/$ lucky can a gal be? Great treasures for sure. BTW, is that little doll what is called a "Frozen Charlotte"?

Summer's over??? Shhhhh don't want to hear that!
Unknown said…
That little doll is precious!
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my greeting card post. Yes, I thought the cards were great, don't know what I will do with any of them yet, but sure I will think of something or give some away I spose.
Have a wonderful week.
Unknown said…
The doll almost looks like a boy!
I am so sorry about your friends tragedy. I cant even imagine her pain and frustration. I so treasure all my family keepsakes.
Abby / Linda said…
It;s always sad to hear about a fire, especially if it is someone that you know! so hard to get over and move on.
Kelli Davidson said…
That little sugar thing is wonderful and the lavender.............. oh my!
Unknown said…
Love the doll, and the phrase on that charm is great! Wow, our kids don't go back to school until after Labor day! Hope you have a great week!

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