Have you ever made a snippet?  There's a great tutorial here.  I had a blast making ten of them to take with me to Kansas in June.  (Yeah, I'm still on June...leave me alone...I'll get caught up!)
I really enjoyed working on them.  There was so much freedom in assembling these pretty little rolls...
using bits and pieces of pretty supplies that, though tiny, are still full of prettiness!
 I love them, anyway!

Here's what they look like before they're rolled up.
And here are the Tiffany ones I made; there's one left in my shop.
I'm going to make more.  Are you making anything these days?  


Kathy said…
These are neat with all the little bits and pieces inside!
Yes, I am working on a new inspiration kit for Etsy tonight so nothing just for fun...
Maggie said…
These are so neat! And I LOVE the book you made for Karla. How sweet you are!!
JoJo said…
They are very pretty!
Oh I like your little snippets
Very pretty! I love the one you gave me, but have yet to try it. Meeting friends this weekend to collage on old record album covers. Should be fun!
Abby / Linda said…
These are so sweet! It gives me ideas . . . . Yay! Thanks for the inspiration!
Your little snippets are lovely, very sweet and light :)
- Jeanette

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