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Happy Valentine's Week

I had two of you respond that you'd like to swap valentines with me, so I sent two and got two back.  I made a few more that I sent out to friends and relatives, too! Here are the gifts I got in return for the swaps: Wendy sent me all this!  She knows how I feel about vintage, so the valentine she created was in that style: I love the pink fabric in the background; it looks like a mini chenille print, but is actually embroidered.  Thank you so much, Wendy! Lynette sent this valentine's card with a greeting and this sweet heart: Front - look at that detail  Reverse - she's so creative with ephemera And some chocolate!  Thank you so much, Lynette! I picked up this bag of hearts at a thrift shop after all my valentines were they will have to wait until next year!  I'm still working on my heart creations for the swap I'm doing with my FB group; here's a sneak peek of the "base" before embellishment: The

Thank goodness it's February!

Wow, January seemed never-ending, didn't it?  I'm just so glad it's now February!  I got started with making valentines way early, and then I got involved in a heart swap with a FB group called Rag Bag Gals .  Those hearts are not due until March 7, and I have them cut out and ready to start sewing.  I sent a bunch of valentines out the other day, including those I am swapping with two blog friends, and created too many heart crafts to count, a few of which I sold at an event called The Ultimate Indoor Garage Sale last week. This was the first time in many years I've done an event like this.  It was located at an indoor barn-like structure, and what was fabulous was that we were able to drive right in and unload right next to our spaces!  That was sweet! Another thing that was sweet was that I had a front, corner booth!  I'd asked for a really good spot, and boy did they ever cooperate! We had a preview the night before, 5 - 7:30 pm, and then the actual even