Happy Valentine's Week

I had two of you respond that you'd like to swap valentines with me, so I sent two and got two back.  I made a few more that I sent out to friends and relatives, too!

Here are the gifts I got in return for the swaps:
Wendy sent me all this!  She knows how I feel about vintage, so the valentine she created was in that style:
I love the pink fabric in the background; it looks like a mini chenille print, but is actually embroidered.  Thank you so much, Wendy!
Lynette sent this valentine's card with a greeting and this sweet heart:
Front - look at that detail
 Reverse - she's so creative with ephemera
And some chocolate!  Thank you so much, Lynette!
I picked up this bag of hearts at a thrift shop after all my valentines were made...so they will have to wait until next year!  I'm still working on my heart creations for the swap I'm doing with my FB group; here's a sneak peek of the "base" before embellishment:
The back is the same fabric as the small heart on front, which is one of the Downton Abbey prints, Lady Rose, Rose Arbor!  I have until March 7 to finish them, and I think it will take about as long!
 Did you decorate for valentine's day?  Here are a few vignettes from around my home.

The banner below is probably the first valentine craft I ever made, using handmade cards by Julia, who used to live in Germany and sell on Etsy.  Now she lives in Scotland.  I noticed this year that the banner is wearing out, with rips in the crepe paper and doilies that are falling off.  I will have to refurbish it -- but put it up anyway because I don't need it to be perfect.  Just perfectly vintage!
I hope you have a chance to celebrate your loves this Valentine's week!


Createology said…
Lovely Valentines both swapped and created. Hearts are Timeless! Happy Valentine’s to you...xo
Marrianna said…
Everything is so lovely. Thank you for sharing. No, I don’t decorate my home for Valentine’s Day. But I’ve been sewing up some hearts that I have yet to post on my little blog. Maybe today since the wind is blowing, the temp is low, and if we are lucky, Flagstaff and Northern Arizona will get snow showers. In the meantime, here is the address for my current blog:


Take care,
Summer Gypsy said…
We are having rain, rain, and more rain for the entire week! BUT, I plan on eating lots of chocolate on Valentine's Day for sure!!!!
Summer Gypsy said…
P.S. Thanks, Laurie, for stopping by Unshelved Words. Our blogs still have a piece of our hearts. Even though I have not been very good at posting for quite sometime, I still love being a part of blogland! :)Marilyn
Sami said…
You've made some beautiful Valentine cards Laurie. Have a great day.

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