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For the love of Snoopy

Last week, something horrendous happened to us.  Our dear friend, Snoopy, got sick on Friday and, on Sunday night, he passed away.   He was only 11. This photo was taken exactly one week before his death.  That day, we were at a picnic and Snoopy had a great time.   In the coming days, though, we noticed him seeming tired, and twice I found him hiding in the closet.  It wasn't until he stopped eating and clearly wasn't himself on Friday night that we knew something was really wrong.  We took him to the vet Saturday morning, and the Dr. said he suspected kidney failure .  He took blood, gave Snoopy some shots, and sent us home with some special food and directions on how to care for him until we got the blood work results on Monday morning.  But, he was gone on Sunday night. We have been in shock. I have no words to express how much we are grieving. Our other dog, Maggie, passed away last July.  She was 2 years older than Snoopy.  That was very hard, but this was ev

National Button Society Annual Convention in Denver, or, Button Bliss

Did you see my post all about BUTTONS on my other blog,  Button Floozies ? I went to the showroom only of the National Button Society Annual Convention and spent a couple of hours enjoying all the button competition trays and the room full of beautiful buttons on display to buy! Today  on Button Floozies I posted photos of the just the ones I got from the button "poke pool"! And, here are some more that I haven't yet posted there:    a delicious metal button with shiny stones and beads - it looks like a dessert, doesn't it? Two buttons with mother of pearl insets -- one is celluloid, the other painted wood. Bird-themed metal buttons; here are some close-ups of those: Just in time for Halloween: an owl! But, mostly I bought more beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons to add to my collection.  The other day, Paul Simon knocked over my vintage cloth box full of mother of pearl buttons.  Even though I wasn't thrilled about it, it did give me

Meet Paul Simon

I love all you guys, seriously.  I couldn't wait any longer to introduce you to our new kitten, Paul Simon!  We got him about a month ago, and we had a very hard time deciding on his name!  Ultimately, he was named after the singer.  (Long story.) I am in love.  He was so teeny tiny when we got him!  He just keeps eating and growing, though! Paul Simon and my son have become very attached to one another. Paul Simon and Snoopy, not so much. But -- they are getting there! He started out quite shy and timid, but has quickly taken over settled in! I love his mixture of spots and stripes -- especially on his little tummy! The more he sleeps -- the bigger he grows! But as of now, he's still smaller than one of my son's sandals! I have needed this cat for a long time now. He is so much fun! He makes me laugh!  And he's more than a little mischievous! Who, me?