Sunday, August 28, 2016

For the love of Snoopy

Last week, something horrendous happened to us.  Our dear friend, Snoopy, got sick on Friday and, on Sunday night, he passed away.   He was only 11.
This photo was taken exactly one week before his death.  That day, we were at a picnic and Snoopy had a great time.  
In the coming days, though, we noticed him seeming tired, and twice I found him hiding in the closet.  It wasn't until he stopped eating and clearly wasn't himself on Friday night that we knew something was really wrong.  We took him to the vet Saturday morning, and the Dr. said he suspected kidney failure.  He took blood, gave Snoopy some shots, and sent us home with some special food and directions on how to care for him until we got the blood work results on Monday morning.  But, he was gone on Sunday night.
We have been in shock. I have no words to express how much we are grieving. Our other dog, Maggie, passed away last July.  She was 2 years older than Snoopy.  That was very hard, but this was even harder, because it was so sudden.
This is one of my favorite photos of the two of them: he was still a puppy and we were at a pumpkin patch.  Snoopy was in high spirits.  We all were.
I loved this little dog so much. He really had my heart.
 And, of course, Ben's.
They grew up together.
Ben grew older, and Snoopy did, too.  Unlike Ben, he became more cuddly in his old age.
He was my buddy.
I couldn't breathe for the first couple of days after he left us.  I could hardly believe he was gone.  I wanted him back so badly; now, it's been a week and it's sunken in.  But I still feel so awful.
To help me cope, I ordered this necklace from Wild Twisted Roots on Etsy.  It's comforting me to wear it. 
Through it all, I've been wracked with guilt about getting the kitten, Paul Simon.  If I'd had any inkling Snoopy wasn't well, I never would have brought another pet into the house.  I can't help but think it caused Snoopy stress, or at least, made him jealous and sad at times over the last month.  In the photo above, taken while Snoopy lay ill, the kitten was concerned and trying to comfort me. I know how awful I look in the photo, but it is the reality.  Believe me, I look only a fraction as devastated as I was feeling inside.
When Snoopy passed away, Ben had left a few days before to go back to college for his sophmore year.  I think maybe he was waiting for Ben to go.  
I am so glad to have had the love of Snoopy in my life.

Please, hug your pets extra tight and give them lots of love; you just never know how long you'll have them.


Janet Ghio said...

O Snoopy--I am so sorry to read about Snoopy--we lost our dog 3 years ago and i still grieve for him-I always will. Our pets are so much fun and such a great comfort. Just from your photos i can tell that snoopy lived a wonderful life and i know that just like our Sparky he will be waiting for you one day at the Rainbow Bridge

Beth Leintz said...

Laurie, I'm so sorry about Snoopy. I loved looking at the pictures of Snoopy through the years- especially with Ben- "a boy and his dog". I know Snoopy was a part of the family and it's so hard to lose him. Sending hugs your way.

Marrianna said...

There are really no words of comfort that I can give you that you haven't already received. So sorry for your loss.

Linda Sue said...

every living thing is on the clock, no matter what, Snoopy has had a wonderful life and likely was very glad that the kitten could comfort you when he left, knowing that he was on limited time he compelled you to get the kitten, Snoopy was smart and cared that much! Our pets know more than we reckon...and love us beyond what humans are capable of. The kitten is a gift , from Snoopy.

Linda said...

Laurie, my heart is grieving right along with you. I believe that our pets have a sixth sense, and I do believe he made room in your heart for Paul Simon all the while knowing that soon he would be leaving.

Slowly the grieving softens a little and you'll find yourself not crying because Snoopy's gone, but smiling because of the enjoyment and love you received from him.

jeanniemc said...

Now Snoopy has crossed the Rainbow bridge and is no longer in pain..sending hugs..

Unknown said...

Dear Laurie, I am so very very sorry to read of your deep pain..... my little Shawnna dog passed last November...and I still cry a bit every day. So I well understand how heartbroken and sad you feel. I would like to tell you about a book I is an older book but you can get it on Amazon...called Animals in Spirit by Penelope helps me a lot.
Take care......cry all you need to.....I will pray for your comfort to be soon.
Sincerely, Nancy Thompson

Sami said...

So sorry for the loss of your Snoopy, I can understand what it feels like as I also lost 2 of my cats not too long ago.
He was such a beautiful dog. I'm sure he had a wonderful life full of love from your family.