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Filling the Shelves

I've been busy this week paying some much-needed attention to my two Etsy shops; for the new followers to my blog ( Welcome!! ), let me explain that I have an Etsy shop Indulge Your Shelf where I sell vintage finds, and another one Twice Shy Restored where I sell my handmade creations. I'm s-l-o-w-l-y listing new items for both stores this week and in the coming days. Here are some of my favorites: I call these "Vintage Rescued Linens" because they were damaged in other areas so I framed the intact, pretty part to repurpose them! I love, love, love these Scouring Scotties! ...And the colors on this one, part of a set of three, are just so soft and lovely, don't you think? They can all be found in Twice Shy Restored. I just adore the images of clocks on this red tray! Here's a find: an artist's proof of a Gibson drawing, "The Hero Endeavors to Decide Upon the Object of His Affections"! Perfect for Valentine's Day, methinks!

Etsy Street Team Blogger of the Month: NICO Designs

Each month as a member of the Etsy Bloggers Street Team, I get to highlight another blogger. This month, it's NICO Designs . NICO is the mother of two beautiful little kiddos whose textile business was born out of people asking her where she got her diaper bag; the answer being, of course, she made it! Visit her blog, and be sure to stop by her Etsy shop, Nico Designs , where she sells handmade dolls, pin cushions, home decor and, of course, bags! Here's my favorite nifty from her shop: Psst...she's also having a One World, One Heart giveaway! Go see!

My Valentine Banner

Using Julia's (aka The Spotted Sparrow) Valentines , which combine two of my favorite things -- antique images and 1980's music! -- I created this fun banner to enjoy for the whole hearts and flowers season!

Enter to Win My Two (2) Giveaways for One World, One Heart!

Welcome to my blog, and thank you for visiting! I hope you will enjoy your visit, and save my web address so that you can come back again, often! New followers are always welcome here at Indulge Your Shelf! *****This giveaway will end on Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time! Winner will be announced on February 15, 2010! ***** A ll over the world wide web, something special happened as the clock struck midnight. It was January 25, and the air was filled with a kind of energy...tangible to those of us who had been watching, and waiting for this day. I myself awoke to remember a vivid and colorful dream, in which I had b ee n transported by a magic carpet, taken to a lovely home, high on a hill...a kind of castle... P residing over the beautiful home was a lovely lady... S he was a kind and attentive hostess, inviting me to take tea with her, and serving it in a wonderfully appointed room, using the finest china so that I felt like a Queen... W e

Valentines and Stepping Out

Yesterday I went to the antique show and sale that's held a few times a year downtown. It's a favorite show of mine because it's small yet always full of seasoned vendors. You can do the whole show at a leisurely pace in about 2 hours. This time, I couldn't say away from the paper...and so of course I came home with Valentines! This guy on the log was the star of my show. If you pull on the head of the turtle, or the duck, or both, you can make him sway back and forth on his log! He's my close second -- with the huge smile, the non-traditional yellow color, and his honeycomb pail! And this little gal was so shabbily sweet, hanging her hearts on the clothesline with her ironing board nearby. Look at those mary janes on her feet! It reminded me so much of my own childhood! There was a lady with tons of buttons, all beautifully displayed. This one was impossible to resist: It's glass! Then, I met a man with a couple of box tops full of old stamps. I t

When Washington's Birthday Was All His Own

Are you old enough to remember when we marked Washington and Lincoln's birthdays separately, instead of together as President's Day? I am! I found this antique image among my purchases from my trip this past summer to St. Louis. Please feel free to click on it and then download as full size! If you end up using it in your art, I'd love to see how you used it! Please send me a photo and I'll post it here, or link to it!