Sunday, January 24, 2010

Valentines and Stepping Out

Yesterday I went to the antique show and sale that's held a few times a year downtown. It's a favorite show of mine because it's small yet always full of seasoned vendors. You can do the whole show at a leisurely pace in about 2 hours. This time, I couldn't say away from the paper...and so of course I came home with Valentines!

This guy on the log was the star of my show. If you pull on the head of the turtle, or the duck, or both, you can make him sway back and forth on his log!

He's my close second -- with the huge smile, the non-traditional yellow color, and his honeycomb pail!

And this little gal was so shabbily sweet, hanging her hearts on the clothesline with her ironing board nearby. Look at those mary janes on her feet! It reminded me so much of my own childhood!

There was a lady with tons of buttons, all beautifully displayed. This one was impossible to resist:

It's glass!

Then, I met a man with a couple of box tops full of old stamps. I took my time, carefully choosing two that I loved, and then when I paid he winked at me and told me to go pick out one more! I tried them out this morning:

The show was so much fun -- I made it through in about 90 minutes, and had it in mind to stop by a downtown antique store on the way home. But my feet had another idea. After a full month of twice weekly physical therapy, it's still a challenge to do anything that involves walking around for more than a couple of hours. Some days are better than others. Yesterday wasn't one of those days. I've returned to the gym, doing careful, slow workouts, and my mistake yesterday was apparently trying to go to they gym and be on my feet shopping in the same day. It's very frustrating. (Okay. I've whined. Thanks for listening.)

I'm getting verra* excited about the beginning of One World, One Heart tomorrow. How about you?

*Can you tell I've been reading the Outlander series, Lori? I'm on Drums of Autumn now.


Angela said...

I *love* the Valentine with the girl hanging up the hearts! So Sweet! And that button is exquisite! Get some rest today! :o)

Pretty Things said...

LOL at the "verra"! I so love those books!!! And all of mine are autographed so you know how much *I* love them!

You got some unique things -- not your typical! I've never seen a button displayed that way. And the stamps -- never seen those before, either! The honeycomb Valentine is so cute, too! When did we stop having awesome cards like that?

Missie/Crafting with Cat Hair said...

What fun Valentine's Day cards. And the heart doilies are so cute.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love everything but especially the valentines....I have a card scrapbook that was my moms from newborn until she was 8...I will have to take some pictures...the valentines are just beautiful!

sassypackrat said...

You have such a lovely blog, I'm going to have to follow you now! Thanks so much on your wonderful comment about my Dr. Who dolls and I'm glad you and your son enjoyed seeing them. Watching Dr. Who is something my son and I do together, it's our mom and son thing.