Playing Catch Up

Oh my goodness, I have so much work to do to freshen up my Etsy shops, and add new products. Today is the first real free day I've had to begin to play catch up, and I don't think I'll even get to Etsy because of the more urgent stuff that's higher on the list. Oy!

But...I can always take a little time to show the beautiful things that other blogging artists out there are offering:

Lori Anderson made these gorgeous earrings and I couldn't resist shopping her end-of-the-year sale. I love the way she names each of her creations; these are called Amazon Nights!

And, these (below) are called Do the Twist; that's handmade lampwork glass and Swarovski crystal. I wear that color combo a lot in the summer, so I'm thinking ahead!

If you've never been to see Lori, you must visit her blog and shop. She's currently promoting a fund raiser for a fellow bead artist who is facing tragedy.

Speaking of earrings, I bought these wonderful antique beaded ones, and two other sets, too, from Karla Nathan to use in my crafting:

Also: my prize from Where Women Create's blog arrived:

Of course, it was this wonderful print/collage that I will cherish.

Thank you so much, Sandra Everton and Where Women Create!

So...what's been arriving on your doorstep lately?


Angela said…
I love the earrings you received! I will go check out her shop!
Those earrings are great, especially the ones at the top - and congrats on your lucky win!

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