Recycled Book

I have just finished my very first hand made journal. I used the covers of a vintage reader that I bought recently for its charming vintage illustrations; here is what used to be the book's front, which I have now turned into the journal's back cover:

I drew inspiration from the colors of the original book cover for the rest of the journal. Here's the journal's front:

I included a tag tucked into that tiny paper bag on the front...

...which has, on its reverse, one of my business cards:

Here's the inside front cover, with that fun strip of vintage wallpaper:

And here's Snoopy...

Wait a minute! How'd he get in there?!

And finally, the back inside cover:

It was fun and didn't take very long at all!


Angela said…
That is lovely! I really love the saying on the tag in the pocket!
And gotta love Snoopy! Jim wants a beagle SO bad!
Linda Sue said…
Great book- "didn't take long at all" You must be getting it down to second nature- that would have taken me weeks! Love your pooch- I had a beagle as a child- she was the wrong breed for a fenced yard...
Aren't you clever and talented? We already knew that though. ;o) Hello to Snoopy!
This is adorable! Lovely, lovely work... and Snoopy is pretty cute too ;)
I love your handmade journal!!! Beautiful artwork! Awesome!

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