Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Saturday, and I've been tagged

Well, this hasn't happened in a long time: I was tagged by Linda of Pruitt Handcrafts, who is a member of the Etsy Bloggers Street Team, as I am, to answer some fun, getting-to-know you kinds of questions!

1. How did you meet your hubby (partner or boyfriend).
 I met my husband when we both worked for the same company; I worked in the headquarters office in California, and he worked for them as a Field Service Engineer, based out of his hometown of St. Louis, MO.  I used to talk to him on the phone whenever he called in, and then finally one day he came into the home office for some training.  That was almost 21 years ago now!

2. What is your dream for this Christmas/Holiday Season?
I would really like it if my husband could have a new job to look forward to for the new year.  He's been underemployed since we moved to Colorado 8 years ago and it's been hard on him (although he's a real trouper.)

3. What was your favorite pet as a child?
I only really had one pet as a child (besides goldfish and the occasional turtle) -- my dog Butterball, a cockapoo, who was with me for 10 years.

4. What kind of a car do you drive?
I love my car: it's a Honda CRV.  I've actually really liked all the cars I've ever owned, but this CRV is awesome and my favorite.

I'm tagging two fellow Etsy Bloggers, that I've never met: Bev of 44th Street Fabric, and Brittany of BW Silver.  And here are the questions I'm asking them to answer:

1.  How long have been selling on Etsy, and what is your favorite thing about being a part of that community?
2.  How many blogs are on your daily reading list, and how do make time to get to them?
3.  What's your favorite Halloween candy, and do you regret eating it afterward?
4.  How will you celebrate New Year's Eve this year?

I'm looking forward to seeing their answers!

So, how are you spending your Saturday?  I'm blogging, listing some stuff in my Etsy shop and on eBay, too, while watching Rally to Restore Sanity/and or Fear for lots of comic relief and some pretty good music, too!  (My son is a big fan of Stephen Colbert.)

We will be going to a football game later and tailgating with some friends, which is always fun.  Trick-or-treating takes place tomorrow around here.  Are you handing out candy tonight or tomorrow in your neck of the woods?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cold, crafty days

We’ve had some very chilly weather lately; here’s how Pikes Peak looked, covered with snow, the other morning…

The clouds eventually lifted, though…

and soon we had our typical, lovely (if COLD) fall day, with lots of sun.  I am someone who needs a lot of sunshine…which is why we live where we do!

When it’s cold out, isn’t it so much easier to stay inside and work on your projects?

It’s official: I’ve finished all the swaps and other projects I needed to complete for Silver Bella!  And because I’m not big on spoilers, I’m showing you just a few peeks of how my two altered silver bells turned out:

I also decided that I needed to make a bag for each of the gals participating in my swap so they’d have something to carry their bells away in…


I was real happy with them!  Now, all that’s left is packing for the trip, and I still have two weeks to do that.  Can you tell I’m getting excited?

Christine encouraged me to try Windows Live Writer for my blog posts, and this post is my first try with it. So far, so good!  It does seem easier than using the Blogger Dashboard!

Speaking of writing, I’ve pretty much decided I don’t have the heart to try to do National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) again this year; I’ve done it many, many years in the past but I've run out of steam this time.  I’m not sure how to feel about a November without NaNo!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Favorite Thrifty Find of the Year

Sophie at Her Library Adventures is having a blog party in which we all get to post about our favorite flea market (or thrift store...) find of the year.  That is a hard one, because I've found so many delightful things this year!  But, I've narrowed it down to one in a few different categories:

Most Surprising Find: a pillow cover made from antique cigarette silks, in perfect condition, priced at $1.49

Most Practical Find: this wonderful tea cup display rack

Something-I've-Always-Wanted: beautiful English red transferware pitcher

Most Delightful Find: antique glass trumpet ornaments

Most Lucrative Find: a railroad china plate that I bought at the flea market for $1.66 (or, $5 for three plates including this one) and sold on eBay this month for $177.50

To play along, visit Her Library Adventures!

Fun Thrifty Finds!

I am in heaven with all the thrifty finds I've purchased and am just getting around to unpacking/organizing!  It's also wonderful to be warm and cozy inside this morning while outside the sky is gray and the wind is blowin' a gale!

Snoopy keeps me company with his snoring on a blustery day!

This is a fun BINGO set I found at an estate sale; I love that the cards are green (and there are so many of them!)

And, from the same estate sale: a vintage Christmas kitschy elf ornament, an old corsafe, and two bird-themed pins.

One is plastic and the other painted metal.  I LOVE the bluebirds. Do you ever wonder if the thrift store/estate sale clerks think you're nuts with some of the stuff you buy?  I sure do!

Okay: the above is a piece of I-don't-know-what that I found in the Halloween costume section of the thrift store last week.  It is all hand-sewn, and looks like it might have been something like a decoration someone wore around their neck over a leotard, like what skaters or baton-twirlers used to wear, or something like that.  Anyway, it is all handsewn and I thought I could repurpose it somehow...

At the bottom left, you can see what that silvery sequiny thing looks like on the back -- someone sure put a lot of work into it and then backed it with cardboard to finish it.  Above is a set of flash cards I found there, too!

I couldn't resist this fluted pan -- I am trying to start a collection of this type for the top of my kitchen cabinets...

So far I just have the cake and loaf pan you see above.  (Who am I kidding -- I don't have any room up there for another collection!)

I found this pretty plate at a different thrift store...

I love the portrayl of Pickwick!

Another one of these tiny old bowls, this one with the green vines on the side!

And finally: who can resist this sweet bird?

So much fun...and now I can't wait to see yours!  Post your finds on your blog and then come join me at these link parties:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The big sister I never had, and a giveaway alert!

I was matched up with a veteran Bella in the Big Sister/Little Sister program for Silver Bella newbies!  Her name is Elizabeth, and she's been to Silver Bella each year!  Over the last several weeks, she's checked in with me, given me Bella advice, and offered her help in so many ways as the big weekend approaches.

Then, last weekend, she sent me this surprise!

Elizabeth does paper collage, and is an avid stamper -- she embellished this beautiful old book that had belonged to her grandmother, for me!

The book was perfect, don't you think?

I'm in awe of all her details...

and the special touches...

 like this buffed celluloid button!

Not only that, but she included some linens, felted wool sweater pieces, and trims that she knew I would love!

I am spoiled.  (And, I'm in good hands for Silver Bella, don't you think?)

In other wonderful news: Barbara's having a giveaway to celebrate her new online shop,!   You can win one of her delicious project packs!  Enter at this post on her blog.  Hurry, contest ends November 6!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My muse from the Pacific Northwest

Linda Sue sent me another package the other day!

A big, heavy box full of all the things I love...

things that make me swoon...

and make me want to drop everything, get out the sewing machine, and get lost in linens.

She is becoming my muse!
My muse from the Pacific Northwest!

What a wonderful friend!

These four walls

Well, six walls, actually, not four, are getting the treatment.  This is what has kept me away from the computer a lot this week:

Here's Ben painting the entryway wall; beyond it, you can see the green in the family room that is getting covered up today!  The new color is, as you can see, very neutral.  It's called "Timber Mist."

I've already done four of the six walls that need to be finished, and I'm sick. of. painting.  Muscles I had forgotten I had are aching!  I can't wait to be finished!

Into every life...

Have I ever talked about what a safe driver I am?

It's not something that comes up, I realize, in everyday conversation.  And of course most people who read my blog have likely  never driven with me.

I am one of those overly-cautious drivers -- always have been.  Very defensive.  Part of that comes from driving the the SF bay area most of my life.  But mostly, it's my personality coming through.

I drive my speed-demon friends crazy.  I will stick to the speed limit because I know that it's not a suggestion, it's the law.  My neighbors joke about it, dismissing the fact that their children are the very reason I drive as slowly as I do along the big bend on our block.

Which is what makes what happened the other day so ironic: I got a speeding ticket.  On a major highway.  Where I was clocked, according to the CSHP, going more than 25 miles over the speed limit!

There I was, driving along when a highway patrol car came racing up behind me with lights flashing.  It was surreal.  I pulled over, thinking he wanted to pass me.   I couldn't understand why he wasn't just going around me! But then he pulled over behind me.

I opened my window, and the first thing I said when he told me he'd just clocked me at that speed was, "Are you sure it was me?"

I'm pretty sure that was when he decided to give me the ticket.

But I was serious.  I just could not believe it.  I had been passed for the last 2 hours by faster drivers; all the way up the highway they were speeding by in the commute hour traffic, talking on their cell phones, applying makeup, weaving in and out of the heavy traffic.  All the while I was concentrating on driving, being safe, getting to my destination in one piece.

At the point I was pulled over, I had just realized I was to take a left exit, instead of exiting on the right as every single other exit had been; and I was hurrying to get across the three lanes.  But, safely as always.

I guess I was speeding up -- literally hurrying.  And the exit approach posted speed limit went down, unnoticed by me, by 20 mph.  I saw the two patrol cars parking along the ramp, and it registered that they were looking for speeders.

So, I was tagged.  I started crying, of course, and couldn't stop.  Worst of all, the ticket is to Appear in Court.  So I have no idea what it's going to cost.  I guess I could even get charged because my speed was so much above the speed limit!  I have no words.

I was really shaken up.  I wasn't sure I could continue along to my destination, which was meeting the other Colorado Silver Bella gals, Melissa and Suzanne, in the northern town of Longmont.  All I could think about was those three words: Appear. In. Court.  And the fine.  I got back on the road in a daze.

Once I got to the coffee shop, of course, the gals quickly made me (mostly) forget all of that.  We sipped coffee and talked about Silver Bella, which we are all attending as first-timers!   We talked about our swaps, our hat plans, and which classes we're taking.  And we talked a little bit about ourselves, and our art -- and everything else.  It was easy and relaxing!  We did miss the 4th Bella, Jeanelle, who lives near me, as she was ill and had to miss the get together. 

Suzanne gave us each a gift -- how sweet was that?

It is a pendant she made for us -- isn't it lovely?  Of course, we each put ours on and wore them the rest of the day.

After coffee, we made our way just a few blocks to an indoor flea market type antique consignment store called Tables to Teacups.  We shopped for about 90 minutes there.  It was fun.  Best of all, we all now have some friendly, familiar faces to look for in the crowd at Silver Bella!

By the way: on the return trip I noticed two patrol cars on the same ramp in the other direction.  Obviously, they know that people will be surprised by the drop in the speed limit, and they will have a chance to tag them.

I guess that into every life a little speed trap must fall.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage Bunty's New Online Shop!

Wonderful news: my friend Barbara of Vintage Bunty has opened an online shop!

There you will find lovely ephemera and project packs, vintage linens and lace, and finishing touches (which are like what we call incheys)!  Rush on over to and say hello!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Is it Monday Already?

When my son is home on break like he is, the days fly by like nobody's business!

And, with the weather turning cloudy and chilly every couple of days with bouts of sunshine in between, I've had to be deliberate to catch the good morning light to take some photos of my thrifty finds for you -- you know how that is!
 So...what do you think of him?

Scary?  Halloweenish?

Nah!  When I saw this guy, I thought of William Shakespeare.  I decided I had to have him.  He, along with my Jane Austen Action Figure, will be my muse.

He's standing by, documents in his clutches, willing me to sit down at the computer and write more than blog posts and emails.  He's nicely weathered from being outdoors, and I think I'm going to tack him to the wall of my office.  (He actually came in two pieces and I had to wood-glue him back together!)
On a more practical note: here is a box of plastic coin holders by Franklin Mint -- there are 40 of them, tops and bottoms.  I bought them with the thought of displaying those special buttons individually.  The whole box was $5 at a thrift store.  Do you think I overpaid?

Well, I know I didn't overpay for this little plastic cigar box -- so cute!  And this roll of French ribbon. 

I don't usually find stuff like the ribbon at the thrift store, but it's a banner day when I do!

I bought this little vintage hat with the thought of embellishing it for Silver Bella's hat event, but then found the perfect hat for that, instead.  I still may try my hand at embellishing this one, though.  It's pretty, and it fits my big head -- whereas most vintage hats don't.  Weren't ladies small in the previous generation?

You know how I feel about these old glass Christmas balls -- especially the tiny ones!

And I love the shape, rim, and colors of this nicely worn Harker plate (swoon!)

These are another unusual thrift store find (above) -- Victorian repro scrap, and not repro glass buttons.  I'm going to decorate the spool of white thread, and you can never have enough vintage seam binding, as I've said before!
Among my more practical purchases -- a nice hardback edition of short stories by a favorite author, Alice Munro.  I can hardly wait to dive in!  And some fun little flower petals that I plan to stamp over.

Last but not least: I found this well worn quilt at an estate sale for $5.  Look how it's faded from its pink (or maybe even red) beginnings.  Not a hole on the whole piece, either!  There's nothing softer than a cotton quilt of that age, is there?

I'm joining in the fun at these stops:

Click on the links to see more thrifty finds!