Is it Monday Already?

When my son is home on break like he is, the days fly by like nobody's business!

And, with the weather turning cloudy and chilly every couple of days with bouts of sunshine in between, I've had to be deliberate to catch the good morning light to take some photos of my thrifty finds for you -- you know how that is!
 So...what do you think of him?

Scary?  Halloweenish?

Nah!  When I saw this guy, I thought of William Shakespeare.  I decided I had to have him.  He, along with my Jane Austen Action Figure, will be my muse.

He's standing by, documents in his clutches, willing me to sit down at the computer and write more than blog posts and emails.  He's nicely weathered from being outdoors, and I think I'm going to tack him to the wall of my office.  (He actually came in two pieces and I had to wood-glue him back together!)
On a more practical note: here is a box of plastic coin holders by Franklin Mint -- there are 40 of them, tops and bottoms.  I bought them with the thought of displaying those special buttons individually.  The whole box was $5 at a thrift store.  Do you think I overpaid?

Well, I know I didn't overpay for this little plastic cigar box -- so cute!  And this roll of French ribbon. 

I don't usually find stuff like the ribbon at the thrift store, but it's a banner day when I do!

I bought this little vintage hat with the thought of embellishing it for Silver Bella's hat event, but then found the perfect hat for that, instead.  I still may try my hand at embellishing this one, though.  It's pretty, and it fits my big head -- whereas most vintage hats don't.  Weren't ladies small in the previous generation?

You know how I feel about these old glass Christmas balls -- especially the tiny ones!

And I love the shape, rim, and colors of this nicely worn Harker plate (swoon!)

These are another unusual thrift store find (above) -- Victorian repro scrap, and not repro glass buttons.  I'm going to decorate the spool of white thread, and you can never have enough vintage seam binding, as I've said before!
Among my more practical purchases -- a nice hardback edition of short stories by a favorite author, Alice Munro.  I can hardly wait to dive in!  And some fun little flower petals that I plan to stamp over.

Last but not least: I found this well worn quilt at an estate sale for $5.  Look how it's faded from its pink (or maybe even red) beginnings.  Not a hole on the whole piece, either!  There's nothing softer than a cotton quilt of that age, is there?

I'm joining in the fun at these stops:

Click on the links to see more thrifty finds!


sylviesgarden said…
Crikey! You did well. So many lovely things, I love the baubles and the plate. In fact I love everything.
Alyssa said…
Wow. The Shakespearean guy is awesome! Is he made of wood then? I don't think you paid too much for the coin holders. They're a pretty specialized thing and it seems like you hope they might be perfect for your buttons. Value is personal. :)
Lenox Knits said…
All I can say is Wow. You have an amazing eye. I love all your finds but particularily your new muse.
Angela said…
Love, love the Christmas ornaments! :o)))
Wonderful favorites are the vintage hat,that roll of french ribbon and the quilt. Thanks so much for sharing them at my PAR-TAY!!!!

deb said…
Score!! Sweet little hat!
Terrific finds! I love your vintage quilt. I look for them everywhere I go. I have managed to find a few in good condition.You found yourself a treasure!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful finds! My thrift stores never have ephemera, especially vintage or even repro vintage.
I love that you found a muse. The fact that you helped repair him means he will return the favor.
KimMalk said…
I really like your vintage and vintage look items. The ribbon is such a great find.
nadine paduart said…
my word! i've just been to the thirft shop, no less, brwsing your lovely post! and the alice! looks like a handsome edition. have you started it? would be interesting to find out what you think. i haven't yet (she's one of my favourites too).
Unknown said…
oh Laurie, I love it all...Especially that soft cotton quilt......
Linda Sue said…
What a load of LOOT! and 5 bucks is not too much at all- can't even park downtown for five bucks!
going OFF at your thrifty...

Mostly love the christmas baubles - was yet to get excited about christmas - it just happened thanks!
Larri said…
Wow! I need to shop your thrift stores! :o) I especially love the quilt. What a beautiful bargain. Visiting from NFT. Happy Thrifting! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired
Susan said…
You found some really nice treasures!! I really love the plate!
Hanna said…
Hi there!! I am your newest follower from the Tuesday linky!! I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely. You can find me at
Christine said…
I love it when you share your thrifty finds!!! That quilt is my favorite and only $5.00!
Barbara said…
I'm pretty envious of your bearded bloke. I'm sure he will give you plenty of encouragement to write. Great finds altogether esp the ribbon and quilt.
Vintage scrap at the thrift?? Now that is really a lucky find!

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