Thrifty Finds on a Monday

Here are some more end-of-summer thrifty finds:

I've long wanted one of these milk glass "hands" to use for photographing small items for my shop.  I found it at a thrift shop, and then the little silver spoons (one of which is coin silver!) were 50 cents each at an estate sale.

Such pretty details!

A shabby old plate from Goodwill, in all its chipped glory.  I don't think I've ever seen this back mark before:

But the discovery that made me swoon is this little tea cup and saucer:

You'll recall how much I loved Mt. Vernon when we visited this summer.  Well, this pattern is called Mt. Vernon!

I love it like crazy!

Look at the colors...

and all the pretty details!

Another pretty McCoy planter, footed this time, for my collection.
A wonderful Adams, England trinket dish -- sweet!

I'll be joining in at:

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sylviesgarden said…
That is one gorgeous teacup! I love it.
Anonymous said…
How beautiful! I truly LOVE the milk glass hands! My ex-hubby and I lived in a 100 year old Queen Anne Victorian Home downtown for 12 years and I still have a lot of my Victorian collectibles. I love that era! (although I'm sure you'd never know it if you saw my blog - but I really am a girly-girl at heart! LOL)

Angela said…
That cup and saucer are amazing! Great finds!
Christine said…
That cup and saucer are beautiful!!! I can see why you love them but my fave is the hands dish. They will defintely be perfect for photography!!!
deb said…
I am so jealous of your milkglass hands!!! Fab find!
Darling teacup too. You really scored!
Diann said…
Great finds! i love the milkglass hand. I have been looking for one while out thrifting and no luck so far. but, I will keep the search going!
Alyssa said…
The milk glass hand is amazing! I also adore that platter and the Mt. Vernon cup/saucer set. What finds you made.

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