Fun Thrifty Finds!

I am in heaven with all the thrifty finds I've purchased and am just getting around to unpacking/organizing!  It's also wonderful to be warm and cozy inside this morning while outside the sky is gray and the wind is blowin' a gale!

Snoopy keeps me company with his snoring on a blustery day!

This is a fun BINGO set I found at an estate sale; I love that the cards are green (and there are so many of them!)

And, from the same estate sale: a vintage Christmas kitschy elf ornament, an old corsafe, and two bird-themed pins.

One is plastic and the other painted metal.  I LOVE the bluebirds. Do you ever wonder if the thrift store/estate sale clerks think you're nuts with some of the stuff you buy?  I sure do!

Okay: the above is a piece of I-don't-know-what that I found in the Halloween costume section of the thrift store last week.  It is all hand-sewn, and looks like it might have been something like a decoration someone wore around their neck over a leotard, like what skaters or baton-twirlers used to wear, or something like that.  Anyway, it is all handsewn and I thought I could repurpose it somehow...

At the bottom left, you can see what that silvery sequiny thing looks like on the back -- someone sure put a lot of work into it and then backed it with cardboard to finish it.  Above is a set of flash cards I found there, too!

I couldn't resist this fluted pan -- I am trying to start a collection of this type for the top of my kitchen cabinets...

So far I just have the cake and loaf pan you see above.  (Who am I kidding -- I don't have any room up there for another collection!)

I found this pretty plate at a different thrift store...

I love the portrayl of Pickwick!

Another one of these tiny old bowls, this one with the green vines on the side!

And finally: who can resist this sweet bird?

So much fun...and now I can't wait to see yours!  Post your finds on your blog and then come join me at these link parties:


Melissa said…
Awesome finds! I love the flash cards and bingo game. I love old games. :)

Do you know of a website or blog that lists vintage/thrift shops in every state? I am throwing an '80s party for my birthday next year and am on the lookout for specific items for my costume. I can't seem to find any good vintage shops in the Raleigh area. Just thought I'd ask since you know so much about awesome thrift store finds!
Marion said…
WOW! What amazing finds!!!! I'm green with envy. My last big purchase was a pretty blue velvety swivel rocker, slightly worn, for $15. The very next week, my mother gave me an awesome vintage fringed shawl and it was just the thing to put on my rocker to cover a few worn spots.

Thank God for thrift stores and resale shops. Blessings!
Love your vintage finds. I think the bird planter is my favorite!
Cathy said…
Those flash cards are amazing, they're so sweet looking!
Anonymous said…
That beaded bib could be made into a neckace. Those are really in right now. Cant tell how big it is, but thats the first thing I tought of doing with it when I saw it.
Christine said…
I always love everything you get! I especially love the fluted pan and the little birdy dish on the bottom

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