These four walls

Well, six walls, actually, not four, are getting the treatment.  This is what has kept me away from the computer a lot this week:

Here's Ben painting the entryway wall; beyond it, you can see the green in the family room that is getting covered up today!  The new color is, as you can see, very neutral.  It's called "Timber Mist."

I've already done four of the six walls that need to be finished, and I'm sick. of. painting.  Muscles I had forgotten I had are aching!  I can't wait to be finished!


Christine said…
I feel for you. Painting is so hard! I'm going to be going through my house painting every room but the kitchen throughout the next year. Not all walls will need to be painted though so it won't be too hard. I live in a manufactured home that has the ugly fake paneling and outdated wallpaper on most walls!!! I'm just going to take my time though!
Angela said…
What a great helper! My kids love to paint! (Wish they could do the whole thing!)

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