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Crafting inspiration on the cheap: thrift store finds

As I carefully venture for short, safe trips into a thrift shop or two, I have re-discovered the way they are great resources for trying out some new crafts!  For example, for the past couple of years I've been wanting to try that long-ago art of macrame, as it's coming back into style.  I used to have fun with it in the 1970's!  I purchased this little hanging just for inspiration: Although I probably wouldn't do a square frame, I like how the crafter tied the knots simply to make a design, and then of course hung the different fibers from the bottom.  I have had a really hard time finding the correct kind of cording to use for macrame--even online.  Finally, yesterday at a thrift shop, I came across this huge spool of red cord! I think it will be great for Christmas macrame, don't you?  I'm excited. Then, something I've always wanted to try is needle felting.  Not wanting to begin collecting a lot of supplies, though, I never took the plunge but then last

Frigid January blues

When you live in a cold climate, January can really be tough.  Even though we get a lot of sunshine in Colorado, it's still frosty, and that chill can travel right down to your bones.  We stay indoors alot during a normal January, but this year it's that much worse because we've been doing it for so many months now. This photo came up in my memories, from when Ben was a toddler.  We'd been given a hand-me-down snowsuit and I couldn't wait to use it, so on one cold California day I dressed him up in it!  We were so innocent of real extreme weather conditions in those days!  The photo is over 20 years old, but I remember that day so well, and I can still feel the weight of Benjamin in my arms. Art Garfunkel My cats are in winter mode.  If you love a cat of your own, or ever have, I don't have to tell you how much they enjoy a sunny window... Hey Jude or a sharing your blanket on a winter night!  Both of them have grown in their winter coats and are spending most o