Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye, 2015!

It's the last day of 2015 -- seems impossible to me, but I'm grateful for another fresh start!  We have had cold cold cold cold cold weather this week; today it snowed all day, although very little accumulated.
Can you see the snow falling?
One of my Christmas gifts was an amaryllis, which has bloomed just in time for the new year.  Isn't it gorgeous?
We haven't been doing much of anything since Christmas; mostly staying warm indoors, and a lot of television, and movie, watching!
It makes me so happy to see my son relaxing on the sofa; he's home for another week then it's back to school -- and I already miss him!
My latest project: I'm FINALLY altering that globe I bought at the thrift store about 2-1/2 (or maybe even 3) years ago!  I started with dictionary pages, as you can see.  Since this photo, I've added layers of other papers.  I'll show you as soon as it's done; I've worked on it for a little while each evening this week, and it's almost finished.
We are having a quiet New Year's Eve, how about you?
Wherever you are, stay safe, and enjoy the countdown to midnight!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

And so this was Christmas

How was your Christmas holiday weekend?  Ours was quieter than I might have liked, due to the frigid temperatures that kept us huddled under blankets indoors, with the TV on.  No snow, either! Snow makes it so pretty you can forgive the freezing; it's kind of like an even-exchange.
one of the trees at The Broadmoor
Oh, the sun was shining and the outdoors looked so inviting -- up until you stepped out and the arctic-like wind hit you.  We attempted one walk with Snoopy on Christmas Eve afternoon, and the poor dog was pulling the leash to hurry us home!  Who could blame him?  The wind was cutting through my winter gear and by the time we'd gone around the block I was numb from head to foot.  Not pleasant.  Most of Christmas weekend it was 12 degrees, but with the wind chill, the feels-like temperature was -6.
On Christmas Eve morning we went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  It was a lot of fun to join in on the movie release excitement.  Star Wars has a lot of sentimental meaning to me.  When the very first film came out in 1977 I was living in the San Francisco bay area and there was a lot of hype about it -- not just because of the special effects and all, but also because it was created locally.  There was so much buzz about it that it actually motivated my father to offer to take my family to see it one weekend.  It was one of exactly two times my father took us to the movie theater, and I'll never forget that outing.  Later, the second trilogy was released when Ben was very small, and so he grew up with those movies.  His childhood was filled with light sabers, Star Wars backpacks, and Yoda cupcakes.  So, it was fun to go together to see the new movie now that he's all grown up.
We spent Christmas Eve with our good friends having a lovely meal and lots of laughs -- my favorite kind of celebration.  It was warm and cozy indoors.

Christmas morning my little family awoke, opened gifts and had a nice brunch at home.  One of my favorite gifts was the book I've been waiting to read, Go Set a Watchman.  I surprised Dennis with a FitBit Charge, and the gift I most enjoyed giving Ben was an DNA kit.  On the day after Christmas I spent a couple of hours out doing after-Christmas shopping; I did as much as I could stand to, out in the still frigid temperatures.  The rest of the time, we watched many movies on TV, ate lots of Christmas fare, and, somewhere in there I managed to do a little paper art and some sewing.  How was your Christmas?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Some scenes from our tree:

Merry Christmas to you all, my blogging friends!  
I hope your holiday is warm and wonderful!

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Today was our department's holiday luncheon, and I made everyone a tag as a little gift.  It was so much fun to create a stack of tags!
Here they are, just before I put a white seam binding tie on all of them.
And here's a close up.  I love that little girl image!
Because I didn't want the boys to feel left out, I made these tags for them.
Here's one I made at the very end, from leftovers and another really great vintage picture.
I could do this all day, couldn't you?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Pocket Letter Swap for Christmas

Have you ever made a pocket letter?  Maybe you've seen them online recently -- it's a creation made from ATC-sized cards that fit into a nine-pocket card holder page.  I made my first ever one for a swap hosted by JoAnne via her group on Flickr.  Since my partner, Sandi, has received it, I couldn't wait to show you; bear in mind, they are notoriously difficult to photograph!
I used a pale red page imprinted with Christmas sheet music and delicate stamped florals.  I decorated with mostly silver and white vintage elements.
Each of the tiny white and silver tags has a Dynamo-stamped cursive letter, spelling out Joyeaux Noel.  Above, the  top row of pockets; I added a silver doily, a sparkly sequined flower over a sweet image of a little girl cutting paper.  I included a vintage beaded flower spray.

The tags on the second row spell Noel; in the center pocket, a sweet image of two children carrying home a Christmas tree and some boughs on a snowy landscape.  I accented it with a sparkly paper deer pick, snowflakes, a silver star, and a blanket of mica snow at the bottom.
I gave the deer a silver ball collar.
The bottom row is fronted by a little girl in a silvery coat holding a branch of sparkly red flowers; it has a lace trimmed bottom, a real vintage bottle brush tree with tiny glass ornaments, and a spray made from a vintage silver leaf and a green holly floral pick.  I adhered the tree to the front of the page with Christmas-themed washi tape.
What a fun project!  It was time-consuming and took quite a bit of planning.  In addition to choosing, and committing to a color scheme, I needed to make a couple of sketches of the layout before I was satisfied.  When it was all finished, I folded the page into thirds, wrapped it, and shipped it to Sandi along with a card and a few Christmas ephemera gifts and an antique postcard.
I think it turned out very pretty and I hope Sandi truly loved it!  What do you think of this genre of paper crafting?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas fabric book -- finished!

You asked to see the finished fabric book, and here it is! 
 I used the Merry Christmas embellishment JoAnne gifted me in the Pocket Letter Swap on the cover!
 Page by page:

 I love this page, with the different shades of green.
 And buttons!
 I like the way this vintage spun cotton angel pick fits with this fabric picture -- the girl is putting one on top of the tree.

I've filled the pockets in the book with Christmas-themed tags I've been collecting over the last few years; it is plump and full of texture and beauty!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas pocket letter swap is here!

I received my Christmas pocket letter swap from JoAnne, who is the swap organizer herself.  It's lovely and it will inspire you:
There's the 9 pocket page, full of little cards and gifts, and the two large handmade tags hanging off the left edge; she also included a note on a card in a pocket (top left) and a sparkly Merry Christmas embellishment!  Here are the cards, one by one:
Vintage style Santa scrap
A postcard on thick paper, and a beautiful, snow-kissed poinsettia flower embellishment
 Cheery red twine on a vintage ad
 Sweet white bottle brush tree and base
 This one is my favorite -- look at that snowman pin!  I just love it!
 A candle-lit tree
 Vintage image on a textured card
 Frothy trim/lace on an adorable card
Silvery-blue vintage pick
What a fun swap this was!  And, how lucky am I?
I feel thoroughly spoiled with vintage Christmas goodness!