The tree is up!

We have much to be thankful for this year: my husband's new job -- he was only out of work for one month; my son settling in nicely at college and coming home safely to visit; and a lovely meal in our warm, safe home surrounded by friends.
Above, slightly blurry because it was dark: the kids reunited for the holiday.  Mine is in the middle.  Gosh it was great to see him, even if just for 4 days!
Notice Snoopy in the foreground?  He has earned quite the reputation as a photo bomber!  Now that Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is coming very quickly!  We got our tree up yesterday, and the nativity tonight, but most of the decor is still boxed up and waiting.  How about at your house?
Oh, and I put up my ornament wreath made by GeorgiaPeachez!
Here's our tree:
I never remember until I'm in the thick of it just how much I love decorating the tree.  There are so many memories represented in the ornaments and it makes me happy to rediscover them, and remember it all as each goes up on the tree.
At work we had a lovely Christmas party; volunteers who'd helped were given one of the centerpieces to take home.
It smells so good!  Our tree is artificial, so it's nice to have the pine-y smell in the house.
I found a wonderful vintage ornament today, one I've never owned before; isn't it fun?
Today I mailed off my pocket letter swap to Canada.  I can't wait to show it to you when my partner receives it, as well as one I will be getting.


Linda Sue said…
You are such a Christmas elf! I just put up several strings of lights and call it good.
Kathy said…
Your tree looks amazing - well done!! I haven't had time to do a thing yet but hoping for next weekend.
Linda said…
The smell of fresh greens is absolutely the best smell of nostalgic. Love that vintage ornament, never seen one before.

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