Working the Christmas fabric book

Remember those fabric images I was cutting out and sewing the other day?  I've gotten a little further with them:
I've decided to make them into a fabric book with pockets to hold Christmas-themed tags I've collected over the years!  This will be the cover -- lots of silvery details.
This page uses another fabric scrap collage I made a while back, but never used.  Sewn to some soft, fuzzy white fabric, I think it will be such a pretty pocket!  And, even though it's not Christmas-y, it fits nicely in with the theme.
This page consists of a recycled piece of crazy quilted fabric (an early attempt of mine...) which creates another nice pocket when placed over a fabric panel.  I added one of the fabric images to be sewn onto the front.
And this deer scene will eventually be the back cover.  I trimmed the fabric panel with gimp and some silver beads sewn on in rows.  I'm having a lot of fun with this little project and hope to finish it in time to enjoy it this holiday season!


Oh I love your little Christmas fabric pieces.
I looked on Pink Studio and guess she doesn't sell those any longer?
I tried to use my small printer with no results LOL

Your crazy quilt page is wonderful also
Claudia said…
That will be one neat book and so much fun to use. I love it so far!
Createology said…
This will be such a treasure to look at over the years. Your lace and collage and CQ pages with pockets is delightful. Christmas Bliss...
Linda said…
What a great idea to round up all those tags and incorporate them as part of this fabulous piece. Nice idea and nice work Laurie.
Pallas said…
Your book is turning out lovely. I think the deer page is my favorite so far - beautiful.
It's going to be lovely! I love your fabric collages and crazy quilt piece, and those little images are so cute.
Marrianna said…
LOVE your little book. This is going to be a charming and beautiful memory. Thanks for giving me new ideas.

Merry Christmas,
jeanniemc said…
Love everything about your fabric book! Can't wait to see it all!

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